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Steinmetz: Gordon isn't great fit for the Warriors



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Thu, 27 Jun 2013|

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Amazing the top seven selections including a Sacramento Kings and -- are going to them out of Kansas and Bruins know well. Felt all the way to sixth. To the ones who many thought he would be the number one overall pick look at the top five pick for Cody Zeller. Out of Indiana -- a lot of fun stuff going on the NBA draft one of the most fun nights. And he opted the most fun offseason -- NBA rusty Simmons covers the Warriors for the San Francisco chronicle is -- the Warriors draft party right now. Odom back pedal talk about the kings simply can't on this one rusty. What's the back story about them and then tackle more weren't trying to move up earlier in the day. It's interesting. After everybody takes a draft you know a coach comes out says. -- we want this -- so bad news which is never believe -- would fall to us. I'm with the kings are making up that story all day long after they heard -- all the people was gonna go seconds that a maximum -- They tried to trade up they thought they were gonna have to get to 345. To give him. On the kings thought Matt Moore was the best player in the draft and for him to fall to number seven they've got to be absolutely elated. R.s a year there at the Warriors draft party any word further on what the lawyers may try to do or any teams right now calling the Warriors. Just asking about inquiring about details of the Warriors certainly and it's good talent second round team that the Warriors out. Yeah those are the conversations they've had in the usually picked up -- about this time. The Warriors are dangling that one point six million dollars they have. Two years ago they were able to buy. The number 39 -- that they used on Jeremy Tyler for two million dollars a one point six may get you in that range. But most of those conversations from other teams have wanted to include one of the Warriors young players. -- we've heard a lot about Harrison -- I don't think the Warriors are interested in doing that. -- -- among green I don't think the Warriors -- into that it just comes down -- money I think the Warriors -- jump on and -- -- -- We've been kicking this around and yet the sports talk -- lot but is there anyone in your mind that's an untouchable. All the Warriors roster right now. It's a word do that we throw around a lot come -- really I don't think anyone in the league is. Wilt Chamberlain and Shaquille O'Neal guys like that were traded at one point. Technically LeBron James was a sign and trade from from Cleveland to Miami so. Com anybody can be traded obviously the Warriors like their young core they would like to keep stepping curry Klay Thompson. -- -- Harrison Barnes together but for the right deal I don't think they have anyone is untouchable. At the trade deadline was Klay Thompson Eric Gordon actually discussed they said they table and talk about the off season any word of that coming up again. There was a little bit of talk of that at the trade deadline and again Eric Gordon is is right back on the block again. Tom I don't think the Warriors are as high on him as other people are and you've got to realize this is a guy he's had a lot of key injuries. The Warriors have enough guys on their roster that have questionable. Injury backgrounds. I'm as good -- players he is -- and as good a fit I think he would be with some of the players I'm not sure they wanna bring in one more injury risk. And rusty lowly heavy here Yahoo! Sports reporting that Maryland's Noel who went number six in the strap was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. For Jrue Holiday it's already some movement at least according to Yahoo! Sports and we'll follow up on that and -- -- for you to chew on rusty Simmons chronicle Warriors beat guy thanks for joining -- Yahoo! Sports talk line.

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