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1-on-1 with Warriors center Andrew Bogut: Is he the franchise savior?



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Tue, 17 Apr 2012|

"Everyone says that once my ankle heals, it's no problem."


Machine Generated Transcript

I don't think if you're feeling the pressure so much when people when people talk to you about being almost the same year. Of this franchise but it is a lot of -- -- one -- was -- -- -- -- trade -- trade deadline. And in water. Not a marvelous thing beverages and it kind of pressure but a you've been multnomah -- -- average. Monfils number it offensively and look at that level and obviously loved ones yet. We'll have two of them -- defensive presence. Scored again. Bookshelves and Chris pleased that we need. A lot of -- if you look at an office. Everybody look at my numbers adjust my game to do what he -- the build up my game with a little things. -- -- for I guess we'll just -- but you know there hostile to us and shoot ball but what's up man this place possible it's possible. Education energy and it is arguable. Rob them of his late father luxuries. That some authority change a little bit but it I was leave myself. Please say it changed a little bit so you -- of what did you should be more selfish and things if you know what happens what's the reason David Lee. The ideal. Power forward to playing next year. -- -- CD's of the guys because almost and you know tongs I have -- fought fought and got up on him. This all falls on this I think they used to have that load off him defensively. -- offensively he's he's growing every usually. Cultured let alone those heavily. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About two in the exactly and how efficient thought -- you wanna lose you know with the wind was a little offensive boards plus I think that is. And how close to normal the field. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and it's sort of groups thought that hurt thank him calm yet Parcells is going so when you when you feel thing. To some of the minor -- in the first couple weeks it is always look a bit probably so much. Swelling is still. And I. Went ten degrees -- -- it. Posted temperature outside temperature line. When you and your mind well actually hurt. Puzzled about target through and it's burning a little bit let's talk. Has there ever any doubt in your mind that your ankle is going to be as good as new. When you when you're done it's there on knuckles uses what he wants his -- of the problems. Anyone -- ankle really it was going down and get us from the end and I trust them but you have to get as strong as possible. It open -- a bit elbow or. I probably missed regulators do. -- think this is what's what's your -- -- on right now this second how miserable feeling comment is. Right Maine always monitor the injury hasn't lost a bit of extension just a little bit a hole looks a little bit which doesn't affect me. I noticed those initial comments you made. -- -- frustration. And this -- not threatened. It just wasn't brought that's why else frustrated him. Since then we -- sending him -- the -- hassle more frustration I think right now it's fun. They see you up their practice now and got his mood on. You still see the shots and that he's still no one you tell us on him and -- -- just gives me to a let's just say the Saints. Twelve lead and do stuff. But I figured that hopelessness. What to expect -- to play -- you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- LeBron says happiness for him as being the first billion dollar player happiness tour and to Bogut is one. Muslim up my run down on them. It's a lot for the Cubs Hollywood. Mean right now is having him in the conference on Friday that I've been going well. It is great great things. Have you guys well. Well that's what -- -- what I would -- and there's the president did have an otherwise. Usually you -- what he's brought me a lot of plays brought on myself. Have a long way to go then that was not a -- stuff like direction Arizona. Right now -- better -- we better get up. Without question thought it provides a presence at the -- the Warriors have -- over the past decade it. -- Aussie is a much bigger scoring threats that have either Andris Biedrins Adonal Foyle or Erick Dampier is rebounding and shot blocking prowess also are. Quite have precedence.