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Stanford Press Pass -- Cardinal react to Final Four loss



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Thu, 17 Oct 2013|

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This is that they'll go from 49ers headquarters in Santa Clara with your three and out for the day. We'll look 49ers can be expected to add one if not too defensive linemen to their active roster for Sunday's game against the Titans. Glenn Dorsey is probably out with a hamstring strains of the forty -- are looking at which young guy which rookies to activate him to the 53 man roster. Mike personnel. Under the radar rookie undrafted free agent from Wyoming. Played very well throughout training camp in the exhibition season he might actually be the front runner for that job because he's been on the practice field and working out all the time. Quinton dial this is his first week on the 49ers practice field. After rehabbing a toe injury toe surgery. That he had in January so so far Quentin dye has looked good in practice. 49ers will ultimately decide whether it's Purcell. -- -- We're -- problem. -- in anticipation. Of adding in defense of line into their 53 man roster the 49ers had to make a roster move. And the first guy to get -- is Chris harper the 49ers signed him off the Seattle Seahawks practice squad. Early in the season. Before the season even started in fact in the -- him as a Delanie Walker type of player to have an oversized wide receiver and undersized tight end. So Chris harper is a guy that the foreigners look out for six weeks it was -- potentially seven players coming off of the reserve list -- have to make some roster moves they have to cut some guys. And the first got to go. Is Chris harper he does have practice squad eligibility so the team could bring him back. After being active for the final four games last season in the entire playoff run. Running back to Michael James thought that the days of wondering whether he's gonna be active on a week to week basis were over well. He's found out that those days are not over I spoke with. La Michael James this week and he talked about the frustration of not knowing what his role is he said a couple weeks ago this would have been a blow to the ego to see himself. On the inactive list like he was Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals but he said some veteran players have really helped him out. They've prop him up they'd given him confidence and all the Michael James says that his main focus is assigned getting better and helping his teammates get better because right now what he's doing on the practice field. He's running the scout team which is designed to give the 49ers first string defense a very good look at the upcoming opponent.

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