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Houston introduces 'Rocketman' Dwight Howard



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Sat, 13 Jul 2013|

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Man anymore he's rocket man Dwight Howard. First ball and think oh -- accommodate. Think all of that just being here. A team. Thank you. Yeah -- right now. Movement is good at that. Thank you for accommodated him and he's allowed. Think everybody being here is some great opportunities. It's great -- justice to be here to -- And I'm so excited you know Sam. He's a lot of guys you some -- -- -- a diploma fallen out there today. You know he's been great you know I'm just so happy to be tremendous is unbelievable. You know opportunity for months ago would city's team and I can't wait notes that -- start playing basketball but also get out in the community. You know make the difference -- and I think this would be his reasons no one's yours to really make the difference in the -- and off the court. And have a great opportunity Tuesday here in terms of -- to. Thank you. Like -- This was only the first opportunity for you to make a decision because you were. Drafted and then you were sent to another team so. This was your decision and he said some years. Hometown friends James for one and a lot of guys have been trying to recruit to Houston for a long time. Well they have and this is you know made this decision for me you know. -- a really wanna be happy you know like he Sydor moved if you can't -- that when you play and in. -- knows it's not four and a that is when we get back to you know in ago was that fun and enjoy basketball and at the same -- -- -- And Nolan did would -- monthly so you know it is not the road doing that it you know bottom of this experience I was sort of guy here. He's the guy out there and recruiting me he when -- -- -- obviously you cry you know that's announced commanders though he's in Kraft the days though and our goal is to win -- services you know and that's who -- gonna start where today. And we know that you know it takes a lot he notes is to win its services to businesses -- just because you have guys come together. But I think you know which is willing to get out there and give it our all and I just can't wait to get out there -- this means this young team. And before this Francisco Garcia with those go it's the 27 so. This is a great opportunity and I'm just looking forward -- playing with these guys it's going to be a lot of well. We -- like this. They're -- and I was. My manager. -- -- -- -- -- We'll know it. Now. Calvin Calvin get on the back brutally. -- -- You're welcome here you over the past. It -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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  1. Smart: 'We made the defensive stops'

    open threes great job with chuck Francisco Garcia . Of those guys do an excellent ..... changed obviously you know. In Francisco Garcia made some big threes are some ..... game for us tonight along with Garcia . You know these guys always play

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    type of advantage felt Qualls has what they did for but I guess hold on. To we a lot of players it is great job Francisco Garcia look at stat sheet you made into a whole lot we didn't score. But when you go back to film UC all the defense

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    those two guys need to know game to game what what what it and go from there. Coach talk about the consummate pro Francisco Garcia and contribute night in the fact that maybe. Lacking Tyreke size and having a bigger guard out there how much more

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    thought that was really Big and made a couple big time plays and shots for us as well that I you know a starter though Francisco Garcia . You know we got the news that one wasn't play and I am looking at who and when you're right well with Because

  1. future and now we see a lot of greatness and the passing game coming up in the future so yeah. Did you hear about if I was Garcia you know you just love outside of greater this is another especially when team. You can get four wins at mid season he had

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  3. another guy who's thrown his name and Jeff Garcia who's 43 and they as soon after Snyder Jeff Garcia in the neither of those guys. All right ..... s not interest in we used to go and Jeff Garcia your step I'd go after the guy that really

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    Avisail Garcia is off to a great start in his White Sox career, but will the 22-year-old outfielder pay off on what Hawk Harrelson is tabbing as quite possibly the "best trade in White Sox history"?

  5. our eyelids get it started. Do it really doesn't think I swear you better have his time that I got a job. Good lord have Garcia thank you vernacular yeah. Not tell you got a chance to watch the game takes all match but is there anything you think that

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    White Sox manager Robin Ventura said that if Avisail Garcia needs to improve one thing, it's his pitch selection. But the skipper also thinks the outfielder has the potential to do so.

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    Marcus Semien and Avisail Garcia proved themselves in Monday's matchup against the Blue Jays as the White Sox came out with a 3-2 victory on the South Side.

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    Avisail Garcia had a home run and a triple, but that's where the good news ended for the White Sox on Friday, as they were crushed by the Tigers, 12-5, in Detroit.

  11. Garcia returns from paternity leave for White Sox


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    White Sox outfielder Avisail Garcia returned to the lineup Friday after missing four games to be with his wife during the birth of their daughter, who was born Monday.

  12. Avisail Garcia out of lineup again


    Wed, 18 Sep 2013

    Avisail Garcia will miss his fourth straight game since his wife gave birth to the couple's first child on Monday morning.

  13. White Sox notes: Garcia impresses teammates


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    Paul Konerko and manager Robin Ventura raved about Leury Garcia 's fielding ability and arm accuracy before Thursday's game against the Indians.

  14. awful for. I'm Neitzel who is before. The phone and going for them the ability on that pavement of the middle if affirmative Garcia minimizes that force there and give us. So we have momentum you know we got the notion. Grew up figured you know putters on

  15. Four rookies in White Sox lineup for finale with Tigers


    Wed, 11 Sep 2013

    As part of evaluating some of the team's young talent, Robin Ventura started four rookies against the Tigers on Wednesday: Leury Garcia , Marcus Semien, Josh Phegley and Avisail Garcia .

  16. Should call John his brother and say thanks for Anquan yeah thanks for for coming into Garcia On our side in this went up against the Ravens so. Had a fantastic day Colin have a great synergy great energy and I guess it

  17. Avisail Garcia out of Sox lineup again


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    Avisail Garcia will miss Monday's White Sox-Tigers game after having a pair of teeth removed this morning.

  18. White Sox health update on Garcia and Cooper


    Sun, 8 Sep 2013

    Quick update on the status of White Sox outfielder Avisail Garcia and pitching coach Don Cooper, who was hospitalized on Saturday with symptoms of diverticulitis.

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    White Sox outfielder Avisail Garcia has played in every game since being called up last month. But getting a day off Friday night in Baltimore could put that unique stat in jeopardy.

  20. under on the fine and man yeah you know what and I could. I can change that but I got to see a score more than twenty points. Garcia stop. But offense and hope the team to less than twenty points. Until I hit until I see that I can't by five and six and