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George Karl calls Festus Ezeli an 'a--hole'



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Fri, 7 Jun 2013|

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And so I mean that a gravity in the new ownership group with the kings jumped right in and got myself. Even before they hired GM you know I think this is back thank you now know Karl's out there George -- and -- -- -- -- named in a lot of names that are out there yeah I think they wanted to younger coach with a younger team give them a structure based go -- longer term period -- calls to regular to your guy from here on out. And he's going to be a big guy -- for content was kind of what happened in Denver and they didn't wanna do that anymore. I think mark Malone as he's a bigger picture here's how we build the structure of a franchise hero -- how I want to look like Mark Jackson is kind of like that for the lawyers. Let's set a new culture let's set up ourselves for the longer term picture but we have things to build on. They are a lot of things to build on -- Sacramento right now not let the lawyers did a least a little bit there's no stepped curry said there. But I think Malone is a good for young franchise trying to restart. Get some new energy in there and maybe build a foundation longer term 234 years and a real fresh start and they had to go to new GM new coach there and am not -- -- together right they have to figure out what -- a DB's vision is for this team. And I think he's younger it's new work. It's pick up the pace or a little bit and not be like them once or kind of we're stuck there for five years dying to get out now I got a guy wants to be -- put a lot of money into it. Malone's biggest rivals -- what to do with a team in the standing still so much better about that you real quick -- Tim it's a good job to be looking for a job perhaps in the NBA lot of openings of openings Clippers Nuggets nets and general thoughts on. And any of those lost a bridal -- because of very -- because I think there's gonna be the same teams that are adjusted and George Karl now may be the Clippers may be in Memphis. Brian Shaw is going to be candidates -- -- for. Indiana right out just got eliminated former Laker for over a lot different places have been Oakland guy he's -- guy great guy I know very well current Lakers. I think you Carla going to be kind of guys that trigger this the next hires have cargoes of Memphis that he's made the -- sought a Clippers have call goes the Clippers. They be brought chocolates -- I think this is gonna be the kind of now we see the hierarchy. Once those two guys go -- you cynically Canadian you know Brooklyn maybe some other -- a -- Philadelphia. I think those two guys that -- kind of run how this next stage goes because of their very well a lot of Carl the older coach he's proven he can get to write in to a program right now brown saw again like the Michael Maloney says the young guy. Kind of build upon initially attack the carousel is in full motion right now in the finals had just started -- solid early start here to -- coming thanks for the insight.

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  16. play much time since it and one of the they once again have as their depth and they're gonna shuffle guys in and out George Karl was a good job. Don't have a multiple guys win every position and and for that reason like to talk about parade weather

  17. a higher tempo Denver likes. And it's hard to get George Karl . Out of the tempo that he likes to run once he finds ..... maybe Carl Landry find something but for the most part. George Karl is gonna play. Card after card after card at the Warriors

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  19. fracture the leg and part of the reason I got off to the the horrible start one four. You're you're good friend George Karl was on television that night he was very outspoken about the firing of Mike Brown the Lakers fired just I just five

  20. They're good here six. Germany it's. It's. It's. It's. First loyalty has to Always your. So this. at George Karl . Very good job goal. One area. Runners. It's your. the world. Yeah. Yeah. It's as good as the three homers