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Jazz extend Warriors' losing streak



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Wed, 20 Feb 2013|

SportsNet Central brings you the best plays from Utah, where the Warriors lost Tuesday.


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Warriors. Had a chance to in this did put that'll losing streak in the all star break behind them. Couldn't quite get it skid started at five today and you know what they say it's cut. You go to you talk used today. And you talk about parents weren't very well driving vets -- have former Jazz coach Sloan was in attendance and second quarter just -- -- Gordon Hayward to Derrick Favors. -- had fourteen it. Guys. Was that Masterson. Play an important Randy Floyd hits and three jacked up to that point 3% from the. Borders not let's just get a little step I had -- -- -- bring -- his eighteenth in the first. And had a game. I'm 29. -- delegates -- out the cheerleaders build a building. And that that's OK except in the middle -- got to Dicey situation in the world yeah. They try to play golf despite a couple balls and he's gonna pretend like he's not hurt his of them -- third quarter Harrison Barnes drives. And finish it -- there's always the little game we thought we shouldn't. -- Jazz keep their distance Al Jefferson we'll. Pumped for big. I've -- deposit. He had a team high 24. Good of a mess things assistant Marvin Williams Marvin. Great Jets were ten of 21 from beyond beyond warrior fans this was a highlight of the flies in the face. That's not a good -- of fourth quarter Alex -- it's got to believe vs Scotch Romanian -- thirteen. Dan -- for three. At bat testing positive for this whole quarterback John 115101. Of the Warriors have now lost six straight and. -- opponents during their six game losing. And strike -- Averaging a 117 point five points per game. And shooting 49% from the field.

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    sharpshooter he's Smart Travis Outlaw missed shot Donte Greene has definitely they capped the 70 run by the king Gordon Hayward . Let them with a little luck that did that come right back get me layup to give the Jazz the lead. Then things got

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    wasn't good to see you. Well. You know he gives you cushion there there's a game that But you know story about Gordon Hayward . Jovi he's disagree here all year did again in supplied some power and and I think that long inning. We had

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    happened you talk water early step very. you very much Warriors want them on tape get it going. Florida blows right by Gordon Hayward . He had ten points in the first quarter Golden State up one or up three at the end of 12 quarter. Bench contributions

  1. s as frustrated. As any of us do so you know it's not Romo like effort. You know again we'll see. On fuel rods in Hayward that we got we got nine guys on the roster and all American team. For an opportunity to be. You know on the 53 man so. You

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  3. definitely when you see something like values and try to make an impact. With the physical play and just make you think. These. Guys know exactly one known in the trees here and there. He definitely it's a reward. Hayward to replace it.

  4. Cubs marketing chief Hayward resigns, starts new firm


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  5. Yellow getting ready for the second half of the matches they beat me in in a minute into the Catalina Gomez and I think that pat and Bob aren't in the perfect spot that I heard they were within one. Berkeley trying to add on night packing mean I element in Jasper air if there would take a shot at

  6. That brings me and they appeared in the harbor third quarter striking You're not with the crossover of reluctantly but we're up nothing. And now entering the Taylor comes up with them ball. An thing happened the other lame finish in traffic making fourteen eagle. Eat with great all year actually

  7. Hayward hits game-winner to sink Kings in Utah


    Fri, 7 Dec 2012

    The Kings took a seven-point lead into the fourth quarter, only to watch it slip away on Gordan Hayward 's jump shot in the final seconds.

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    Gordon Hayward 's big shot Friday night buried the Kings, but Sacramento will have a chance to get revenge tonight in the second game of a home-and-home.

  9. Houston the area dot com. Good morning Scott Reese here in the Comcast sports net studios with your morning minute for Friday the eleventh tough night Tigers get a ten to six Brandon Inge did hit another Grand Slam this one against his old team. Bartolo Cologne last just to a third innings giving

  10. Highlights -- Jazz 99, Warriors 92


    Sun, 18 Mar 2012

    Warriors still have to we will all the way to the fourth quarter when. Throughout right out of breakaway blocked by Gordon Hayward then. Heyward runs the floor without the ball and let it gets the ball and that it takes down three blocks. Tied

  11. start. More after opening day and our guys The year so. Well. Nokia. Number greens here breakthrough view him. Things. Hayward couldn't. Part of me. I'm winning game. Very would give me. We had guys like there's. Edmonton forward. His and

  12. 1.19: Chronicle Live -- Jacob Noisat


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    that. Oh city's day and then. Just over and consider that a good fit for me is our chance to do it's about college in Hayward and then had a few operative and offers from there and I. Exotic I was that close to home so was perfect fit went there and

  13. 1.7: UTAH/GSW -- game highlights


    Sun, 8 Jan 2012

    word. It's the job in the corner to tie the game 520. Seconds ago now my today. Turns it over nowhere to go. Gordon Hayward of those cities vowed he would make one or two free throws to up one final but that should give the ball in my Got

  14. t open yeah. Texas Tech industry. My my try to get them as homecoming is. My try to get them. There's a reward for Hayward constantly you respect. You're open to. Our man. We've got an end zone you know. I was worried about getting in zone

  15. 10.14: 49ers practice -- Brett Swain


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    comfortable I feel like maybe. comfortable having them award house before. And you know treat you know probably couple weeks Hayward . You know it's just worked out to my benefit. I try to work hard stage name. Create. As well. It was just for your setup

  16. News serve. Off try out for the Dakota Wizards on Saturday I am trying out for the Dakota was a place called dream courts in Hayward California. Dakota Wizards of the Warriors team league affiliate. There hold open tryouts. And all of our annual meeting

  17. Matt Steinmetz gives you a tour of the Dream Courts in Hayward , the location of the Warriors' D-League tryout this Saturday.

  18. Hayward native Brunelli describes her crash Saturday.

  19. 6.4: COL/SFG postgame -- Bruce Bochy


    Sat, 4 Jun 2011

    better where were with her confidence and mr. cookbook. You know I thought our effort you know countries picked when Gordon Hayward use. You know me plan there and way couple. Don't get to lower order guy can pitch you know there's so. That

  20. born in Hayward raised. And pray about Kristi Yamaguchi has gushing with pride back in the early nineties when she was undeniably the finest figure