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Did the Spurs choke or did Heat win Game 6?



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Mon, 21 Oct 2013|

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Thankfully. -- all -- tie that into the into the in the regular season against him -- Both teams -- Danilo. Is there's really no way to keep Vanilla they know we do we know what they do. So even if they don't run things are run all that stuff in Beijing on saying we're fully aware what they're trying to do and vice Versa. -- albeit talented team they're well coached team. They added some young. Talents and scores and had a death. So it'll be interesting to type unit that. You know I think that's overrated. Not just him but any team we know he knows us as well as he knows -- Lakers and we know him as well we know. You know disburse it doesn't matter. Pass was scouting is for us -- understanding. Of play is tendencies and teams' tendencies in their calls. So is no secrets. I caught a play and you'll know it was -- Mike Antonio Gregg Popovich and Doc Rivers so. There is no advantage at all. I really believe. And I said it. Last year it. Might -- as the outstanding. Coached. But I believe that an incredible staff. And I believe that today -- -- head coach in this league. There's no doubt in my mind. I'm excited. To put him in position. To get an opportunity because he deserves it. I had a heck it was that. And makes me better I don't take for granted and I appreciate and a guy Darren -- went from a number of five assistant to a number two assistant. They'll win got Brian Scalabrine as the championship play it. Over achieved as a as a player and understands the game and as it is -- about it woozy on a championship player former head coach. Point guard was a lead everywhere you went. Added him and his staff. Joseph Portland moved my video guy last year's moves up to you know player development and Jerry did -- always. Head coach -- our. We're going to Clippers. Approving. I had a heck of a staff but I really believe that -- lies ahead goes today and as much success we had last year. Mike Malone deserves a lot of credit. Thought -- -- -- my assistants were short changed. -- all due respect. -- -- we're no excuse -- royalties so. It was a game today I'm ready to play. Both of those season. -- -- It makes a statement. Do it it is a guy coming off of great success. In all star you. Second round playoff trip. But he's not satisfied. And when you I've seen guys. Come back out of shape. And not serious. So I truly appreciate wanna throw comes back bigger better stronger. And I -- complete basketball players or makes a statement is all about guys. No really doesn't matter the they've got their -- so many times before so we didn't put any stock in it and it was -- they're wrong. Pounds when I don't put any stock in it right now. We've got to play the games. No matter where they put us we've got to go out and accomplish what we want is not about what they say we -- -- always say oh. -- There's no pressure on us. We had pressure on ourselves from day one we thought we it was a good team last year we went out and proved it. Now it's about. Continue to get better stand through the process. It is a process we have a and improve basketball team on missing pieces that we had last year. We're excited about building on the success that we had last year that you have. I think that's how would take them across the board especially now. My staff and my players. And this organization we understand who we are in another direction that we're headed and we don't wanna take a step back.

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