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Draft Spotlight: Hasheem Thabeet


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Wed, 24 Jun 2009|

Steinmetz breaks down the 7'3" center Hasheem Thabeet from Connecticut.


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We also have to mention machine Thabeet of you can't he's likely to go in the top three -- he's seven feet three inches he's very raw. They're calling them a project they say has a big upside. It's always a little scary when you hear those terms but by the same token. I think he may be the most ready to contribute to the NBA next year not because he's his skill or more skilled than some of the people are gonna be drafted as high as him. Just because he's seven foot three he's got a skill which is the ability to block shots and he also is gonna get some rebounds simply because he is a big player. I'm not so sure he's got as big of an upside as people think. But I do think that if you put him into your lineup he's seven foot three he's got some skill I think he's gonna help you.

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