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Hassan Whiteside

Fri, 7 Dec 2012|

The Kings waived center Hassan Whiteside, the team announced Monday afternoon. Whiteside, the No. 33 overall pick in 2010 out of Marshall, appeared in just 19 games over two seasons with the Kings.

  1. Kings waive Hassan Whiteside


    Fri, 7 Dec 2012

    The Kings waived center Hassan Whiteside , the team announced Monday afternoon. Whiteside , the No. 33 overall pick in 2010 out of Marshall, appeared in just 19 games over two seasons with the Kings.

  2. Yankees claim Whiteside off waivers


    Fri, 7 Dec 2012

    The New York Yankees announced Monday that they have claimed back-up catcher Eli Whiteside from the Giants.

  3. Blue Jays claim former Giant Eli Whiteside


    Fri, 7 Dec 2012

    Former San Francisco Giants catcher Eli Whiteside has been claimed by the Toronto Blue Jays, according to a report

  4. Diamond Girls -- Amy Whiteside


    Wed, 26 Sep 2012

    Amy Whiteside discusses the first and only time her husband, Eli, dyed his hair.

  5. dynamic between Lincecum and his catchers. Tonight it was Eli Whiteside who got the call for Bruce team. And then over to first base ..... happy to work with anybody. He didn't work with the Eli Whiteside that much last year either but mostly because really had a

  6. You bring in that. Andrew regularly so Eli Whiteside is catching it Tim Lincecum and I cannot now six in a row ..... pretty serious and as is extending especially today with Eli Whiteside back there. Obviously putting that lineup and not Brandon

  7. Get to know Eli Whiteside in SportsNet Central's continuing feature series 30 Giants in 30 Days.

  8. he's Along Hensley. Also who will be Victor Sanchez. Wouldn't want to pictures and will be the second catcher. Eli Whiteside . We have option. Fresno. Be honest with you we have something going on with the Chris Stewart right now is pending. Can

  9. third base. The Devils have so. He has not hurt his chances again there's a battle going on between Chris Stewart Eli Whiteside at the percentages it's it is today I would have bet. Got up so what did you hit a bullet so. It's going to be some

  10. Brian Wilson on having Posey back


    Sun, 11 Mar 2012

    Richter was felt it is. I've been that moment. He knows me ask you. But you know not to discriminate other pitchers first Whiteside . Studies much. All. As well. You know our strengths. is a great job. Ours personally filibusters. And couldn't ask

  11. player. And your put a lot of weight on their shoulders they need to relax a little bit here they got three catchers in camp Whiteside Sanchez. And Stewart will get them some innings but buster take its time. That really needs to do. That's an interesting

  12. Buster Posey I want to ask about Eli Whiteside how important is his role or whoever ..... Stewart because you really outplayed Eli Whiteside but. Quite size of favor of Bruce coach ..... That he does the speed healing. And Eli Whiteside is probably the incumbent backup catcher

  13. no. Announcement right now for me especially. You know what you get out of Garcia and Dante Malcolm hill all over and out Whiteside to see action being in this last. Because as the last pre season game. We're trying to get ready play. And that's

  14. 9.4: ARI/SFG postgame -- Bruce Bochy


    Sun, 4 Sep 2011

    couple strategy questions in there and do. Do you consider bunting towards third with nobody out and also with two you have Whiteside that you know. Maybe some better options on the well. The program better girl. So. That's that's. An option this

  15. Williams and Whiteside talk about the defensive game plan and that this win should give them confidence.

  16. Whiteside knows the Giants can't take the Pirates lightly and that he's relieved he wasn't suspended.

  17. Whiteside says it is as simple as the Phillies pitching well, and the Giants not hitting well.

  18. 8.1: ARI/SFG postgame -- Matt Cain


    Tue, 2 Aug 2011

    Cain says he and Whiteside made some good pitches but that some ground balls found holes.

  19. Bumgarner talks about scoring in the third inning and says Whiteside called all the right pitches.

  20. Whiteside talks about the importance of the series victory over the Brewers and the upcoming visit to the White House.