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Warriors looking for retribution against Rockets

Wed, 28 Aug 2013|

The Houston Rockets on Wednesday made their signing of free agent Ronnie Brewer official.

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  1. Warriors prevent season sweep with blowout win over Rockets

    favor. That is. in the game now. The Rockets averaging a 116 point seven points per ..... 23 at the break third quarter though. Rockets coming back James Harden hitting it three ..... giving up an average of 116 points and Rockets as they said they gave up 38 points less

  2. 12.3: Nellie's back to coach against Rockets

    Don Nelson is back on the bench with the Warriors on Thursday night when they battle the Houston Rockets . Keith Smart substituted for Nelson during his illness and contributed 2 wins to Nelson's resume as the coach moves closer to Lenny Wilkens' all time wins record.

  3. Curry: 'After the egg we dropped in Chicago, this was a big win for us'

    quarter. So hard to win. They go for 42 Warriors backcourt goes for 55 but it was called it and David Lee up front. The Rockets had no answer Bogut blocks repeatedly. The warrior defense outstanding but it's a defense as good their leader Jim Bowden

  4. Warriors pounded in Houston 109-83

    and applaud. Nine point lead for the Rockets in the second David Lee had Richard Jefferson ..... eighteen in game Houston lead up to twelve Rockets were forced him to sixteen and one more ..... didn't count for about thirty points Rockets win 10983.

  1. on their list to win the NBA. A regular season win total this year and got Bulls with Derrick Rose back in the Spurs. The Rockets the Pacers the Warriors down there except you wanted to have our first question voiced all. I'm here I'm fifty grand score

  2. Jeremy Lin will not be starting for Rockets Opening Night


    Tue, 29 Oct 2013

    It will be Patrick Beverly starting over Bay Area native Jeremy Lin when the Rockets open their season against Charlotte on Wednesday night.

  3. Highlights: Sharks 3, Senators 2


    Sun, 13 Oct 2013

    guts and skill for a tough guy but that's old school popular. Recognize they were in trouble. Let's get a little bit of Rockets and were that would happen again next thing you know other team responds in their back in the game no matter who was trying

  4. Royce White will fly, but will drive when able


    Sat, 28 Sep 2013

    After sitting out his entire rookie season with the Rockets , Royce White says he intends to fly when he has to with the Sixers.

  5. community to name today I stood I still got a lot of work to do million little. This opportunity that let me get him at the Rockets haven't fixed it yet this season and turnovers. And good that your commitment at the beginning. Today is just did you make

  6. certainly a hero I glad I only then why he couldn't figure out good. This exact that I I'm telling me just reminds me Peter Rockets it was horrible that's probably America and I won't promise to not ever show that on this program ever again. Are you

  7. MLB Power Rankings: Week 22


    Mon, 9 Sep 2013

    Boston rockets into the No. 1 spot, while Kansas City continues to lurk in the AL Wild Card race with only a few weeks left in the regular season.

  8. NBA Notes: Rockets officially sign Ronnie Brewer


    Wed, 28 Aug 2013

    The Houston Rockets on Wednesday made their signing of free agent Ronnie Brewer official.

  9. Report: Howard wanted D'Antoni, Kobe gone


    Sat, 24 Aug 2013

    The Dwight Howard saga as it related to his decision to ultimately choose the Rockets over the Lakers in free agency has been well-chronicled, and more has been revealed.

  10. game. Is like if it's magnified. but you. Tonight. I don't numbered some arm injuries. She's and I there's. The Rockets obviously in double. And the offense picked me up like that it's the scandal about other chance to think he is on record

  11. 49ers camp report: Lockette rockets up depth chart


    Tue, 6 Aug 2013

    Ricardo Lockette hadn't received many opportunities to prove himself in the first 10 practices of camp, but he showed up in a big way Tuesday.

  12. 49ers camp report: Lockette rockets up the chart


    Tue, 6 Aug 2013

    Editor's note: Training camp is underway. For all the latest news from Santa Clara, check out our 49ers training camp page . Practice summary: Wide receiver Ricardo Lockette, who had not made many plays since the opening of training camp, had his strongest day to highlight the 49ers' first ...

  13. NBA Notes: Marcus Camby returns to Rockets


    Mon, 29 Jul 2013

    We look at some news and notes from around the NBA, including Marcus Camby returning to the Houston Rockets .

  14. wide receivers can't seem to hold onto the football and it's not just the new guys that have. Had trouble so securing the Rockets also been Jacoby Ford Marcel guys like that that. Haven't been able to turn. Accurate passes from quarterbacks Matt Flynn

  15. Man anymore he's rocket man Dwight Howard. First ball and think oh accommodate. Think all of that just being here. A team. Thank you. Yeah right now. Movement is good at that. Thank you for accommodated him and he's allowed. Think everybody being here is some great opportunities. It's great justice

  16. Do Wizards have pieces to lure Asik?


    Mon, 8 Jul 2013

    The Rockets have said they won't trade an unhappy Omer Asik after the they landed Dwight Howard in free agency recently, but if you're the Wizards it's worth a shot for the 7-footer.

  17. McHale excited about addition of Howard


    Sun, 7 Jul 2013

    It's rare that you see Houston Rockets coach Kevin McHale without a smile on his face, but the addition of Dwight Howard gave him more reason to be upbeat and jovial.

  18. Dwight Howard spurns Warriors, picks Rockets


    Sat, 6 Jul 2013

    The Warriors tried to add Dwight Howard, but the center decided to team-up with James Harden and Jeremy Lin in Houston.

  19. Sources: Sixers acquire Royce White from Rockets


    Sat, 6 Jul 2013

    The Sixers have acquired Royce White and the rights to Furkan Aldemir from the Rockets for future draft considerations, league sources confirmed to CSNPhilly.com.

  20. NBA Notes: Howard to Rockets ; Iggy to Warriors


    Sat, 6 Jul 2013

    Dwight Howard has signed with the Houston Rockets and according to the Associated Press, former Sixer Andre Iguodala inked a deal with the Warriors.