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Giants snap skid; W's welcome Iggy; new site for A's stadium?



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Fri, 12 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Time now how -- who Wednesday's morning. The area dot -- How Internet friends bring Brazil -- Comcast sports net studios with this year morning minute for Friday it's Friday July 12 and wanna get started. -- Giants baseball last night San Francisco avoiding their fifth straight loss beating the Padres. -- into the final the Giants finally hit with runners in scoring position they had at least for such hits in the game for the first time. Since June 18. Pablo Sandoval got his first home run since may 21 in his ninth of the season it on the mound. Madison -- Garner retired twenty of the last 21 batters he faced. He's now gone seven innings in each of his last six starts obviously some good news -- report on for the orange and black. -- -- closer to home on the hardwood Andre Iguodala was introduced yesterday as the newest member of the Warriors. He's clearly chomping at the bit to play with the likes of the staff curry. A bit of trivia for you for the the first warrior Wear number nine and since Ike Diogu did it. Many years ago. Really -- this sort of potential breakthrough Thursday night last night for the a's to build a brand new waterfront stadium in Oakland. -- commissioners approved a lawsuit settlement which could create a fifty acre terminal site perfect for a baseball venue. However of course there are those typical lingering problems of environmental. And logistical issues as well. It's who's gonna pay for everything pat yourself a great Friday in a great weekend -- Brodie Brazil we'll see on TV tonight. That was the -- you scored.

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