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Inside the Paint: Kings showed pride, Warriors didn't match intensity



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Thu, 24 Oct 2013|

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For more we bring in our Warriors insider from Sacramento Monty -- enough money safe to say. Even in a pre season game the rivalry got ramped up a little bit but this one. I don't live there any doubt about that I mean there are a lot of reasons for that you know the Warriors. Have sort of -- sit up a lot of people of Sacramento. The head coach Michael Malone ownership was -- the ownership group. You've got some intensity already and tonight clearly it was wrapped up. Toward the kings -- hurt so much about what the lawyers are gonna do this year and I'm sure it's a part of it too there's pride at stake here the crowd got him going in the came back. And again even in a pre season setting it if you're the Warriors you cannot be pleased with seeing a seventeen point lead get away in the fourth quarter. Milloy you know that's the thing is in this game I thought in the fourth quarter the war I I wonder if there is some layover. Some from the China trip you know they said no. But the energy in the fourth quarter wasn't there they shot three of nineteen for the quarter when it gets them too much better. Over the first record we had a seventeen point lead. It went away if the kings really rally -- the ball hard -- breaking down before. Look for the with a more aggressive physical team and they took the victory. Of course the Warriors starting five pretty much held their own when it came right down to it it was Sacramento's bench that was the difference in this game. Yeah. Isiah Thomas who well as a starter is gonna serve for much of his NBA career you off the -- -- behind Greivis Vasquez at point guard in Isaiah. I'm fired him up you guys -- hurry space they got into a couple times. I had 21 points Danny. Led the charge for. With a case did. The worst finish 4519. And that was really the tale of the game right there because physically. By the way is try to compete but -- in the end the kings just kept coming kept coming kept coming.

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    as a warrior lol I'm not why. What is a good game if you can't laugh at younger brother. Was made six of sixteen from three also twenty fast break points compared to only for the kings who have Isiah thomas ' fifteen and six boards.

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    at bats we go to the third and Isiah Thomas goes off in the third. Three from ..... into the form. Well he was not Isiah Thomas especially in the fourth. Three ..... to the red lead cut down But I Isiah Thomas . Keeps it out of reach his seventh

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  2. fourth quarter Warriors down seven Harrison Barnes and of this it. The Bettis that cut the kings leaned down at five Isiah Thomas keeps it out of reach. That is his seventh three pointer of the night he 31 points and the Warriors lose one out five

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    Isiah Thomas eyes look crazy. Looks like we'll just grown up with the weapons of fourteen after 12 quarter Tyreke Evans. The driver left it was eleven of this game was all about the kings. Just listen. sprinkler system long Evans finished with 26 kings went 1117 and.

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  5. Isiah Thomas . Joining us here outside. Congratulations. Well okay you play one half of the game tonight drive it is not an easy assignment

  6. look in the post season post he spins he drains the jumper wade wind up with 39 points on the night. Next possession Isiah Thomas and the kings flyers and free. The kings are suddenly of one. Now we got a few seconds left in the first OT press

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  9. best play with passion and energy and I thought he was perfect for his game tonight. And as you move down through go Isiah Thomas had a great job felt. Aaron Brooks do great every got came off the bench for the most by Jason Thompson unsung hero

  10. have six assists. In the first half and official and eighteen so until we move the ball trying to make some plays and Isiah Thomas in the buying his time. And I got a chance to employment almost Willis back in the game. Did you can't. Guess the

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    Pistons down six and Brandon Knight. Hits the three. Pistons and within three. And then three seconds left in three Isiah Thomas tonight's past president underneath the hoop late in the you gonna win it 10510. Victory.

  13. Public. Three to go along with fifteen rebounds but he went when he when he gets them back that were more of same Isiah Thomas the It was so Thomas ten things up by seven and this guy is going again are at this time coach best people played enough

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    wanted point five points eleven boards as they. Four point game at the break San Antonio back up seven in the fourth Isiah Thomas trying to during the kings back. Counted and volley at 48 points ten assists and four point game but the things you

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    Dillon ran for Nate Robinson. Get to believe for the lay and we got three point game Jays down one in the final seconds Isiah Thomas . Different got the ball. He dribbled the ball out of bounds ensuing inbounds play Richard Jefferson. Moving on up

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    Celtics at the kings Tyreke Evans out with a sprained left ankle which they did in the first quarter Isiah Thomas to DeMarcus Cousins for the fly The kings up six now second quarter. Distorted with kings on the other way on the break Jason

  18. you know a lot of things. He goes there anything in golf. Do you account for about three. I guess the addition of Isiah Thomas starting. He's meant to this basketball team in the energy and the spark that he gives you guys as a sort of as far

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    make plays at his shots that week. Had made earlier we did make a new don't have wide open shots at the that we had Isiah Thomas had. The most recent quarter tied a team record. Most recent quarter what we gonna have shots and guys were moving