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J.J. Hickson

HIGHLIGHTS: Trail Blazers 103, Kings 86



  1. Damian Miller0:15
  2. JJ hickson0:19
  3. Jimmer Fredette0:05
  4. Thomas Robinson0:08
  5. Blazers0:03, 0:23
  6. Oakland0:15
Wed, 14 Nov 2012|

Jimmer, Tyreke and Co. couldn't keep the Trail Blazers from leaving Sacramento with a road win on Tuesday.


Machine Generated Transcript

Suzanne and on the Hardaway and on this evening Blazers visiting kings second scorer Jimmer Fredette. Good distant Thomas Robinson won a slam. Game tied at 32 of the places they start pull away third quarter Oakland eyes on Damian Miller. JJ hickson who takes it to the rim fourteen to two run with the Blazers last seconds in the third. Is that all down man again Lilith yeah they are showers at three another game I -- to -- as well.

Video Results

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    beyond back to David the trunk of fun. up one less than a minute later teens on the break. Monta Ellis deflected pass to JJ hickson and see today's today nobody. Teams go up. Tried to near the end of the first we showed it to you earlier step just

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    Transition Blazers take any one point advantage. Second quarter of old Jimmer Fredette is in the long distance table with JJ hickson there. Back to watch sack up by six days later in the second teams now want him knocking down jumpers but. Check this

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    chance to play a lot. That it was it was a it was a good outing for him. You talk a little about the contributions of JJ hickson and I. We'll JJ who played a lot more like we would. He played at the end of the year Cleveland. You know first

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    and lightweight Later in the first that he was trying to keep it close down eight on the back straight Tyreke Evans did JJ hickson Boston. Being down six after 12. Quarter we what that Denver would run away with this one. Nuggets now from Gallinari

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