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Warriors ready for test in showdown with Clippers



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Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

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I -- the downtown LA at staples were Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Modest numbers last night the 1162103. Loss to these Lakers sort of the -- A loss to the Lakers last night. 31 the Warriors should be all over the Clippers aren't I think doesn't quite work that went. You know Doc Rivers is releasing. On running the floor defending one block shots he's doing now but there's that guy has got to step up he's the -- of the puzzle. About refining his offensive game -- asking all the share the ball more instead of pounding and on the pick and roll it. Got good threes in terms of Barnes. And and Dudley and I really love Redick and Crawford in the back court there. This team is big powerful strong good team but you know what last night they got beat at the hustle game. They got beat rebounding and the Lakers rolled them. I'm looking for them to come out real strong tomorrow night's going to be great basketball. You mentioned JJ Redick or February of last year whether he was in Orlando with the magic north of Milwaukee he's he can -- with a splash Brothers to be sure -- It's gonna take Doc Rivers little while to get the defensive principles down. But once they do that a lot of people say and think that that think that the Clippers the best team in the west so that the Warriors wanna get up there tomorrow and that's going to be good early season showdown. Well really -- you're going on the road -- -- goal with confidence and I just love the team defense shot contest meant rebounding getting in the open floor sharing the basketball. It was a terrific effort by the Warriors.

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