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Klay leads Warriors to win on bobblehead night



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Thu, 21 Feb 2013|

SportsNet Central brings you the highlights from the Warriors' win over the Suns.


Machine Generated Transcript

Recent medical study said that the average -- Lasts eighteen days. Taylor also went that long the Warriors losing streak we can say that now because it is over looking to snap a six game skid. Against the last team they beat the Suns and this is what Mark Jackson had to say before the game on cotton. I'm not old mentally -- -- to post game press conference. This the biggest game vehicles. Wonder if they'll respond we scored -- -- -- -- behind strived. He's good and bottle it's his Bobble head night so of course she had fourteen in the first place -- first quarter of the season second quarter play -- -- Another three he had 21. In the first half alone Andrew Bogut. But it died -- elite university at nineteen and eleven please return the favor behind the back to back. To -- the way up the Warriors led by -- -- half. After a recess the -- keep it close Jared Dudley he's downtown. He gets it to go to the Suns were nine for seventeen and from deep things of that one -- played Johnson still. Another great he finished reporting. The Warriors up seven staff -- Getting away pleased. Curry at eleven -- -- Basketball Jarrett Jack he scored -- Lawyers about ten after that three everytime please god close the dogs would pull away curry. Lot of craziness all night he's been as good 18. Bogeyed one boards on the big man you know we'll get it right there Jarrett Jack. Before he had black Jack 21 in this game and the losing streak is over history over as the Warriors win. The call last thing going on day one my teammates don't hit that streak thank goodness it is over a former white. I'll tell -- -- bring in an alternate at. The home team's first half defense was serviceable Golden State held the opponent to less than fifty for the first time since January 20 ninth the Warriors also assured Mark Jackson that must win game. I committed only. Ten total turnovers.

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    gaggle of Steve Nash says that my daddy by Shannon Brown or Anybody monkey bars for three more. That's make sure Jared Dudley doesn't feel left out. I can't tell if seventeen to four run as Mark Jackson feel blue are seeing red bit about

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    Billups and I feel he dresses in the corner at all today. opening of the three. And later in the second Steve Nash Jared Dudley . Again green was three for five from beyond the arc in the Warriors don't ice cold on his Biedrins and missing them

  1. asking all the share the ball more instead of pounding and on the pick and roll it. Got good threes in terms of Barnes. And and Dudley and I really love Redick and Crawford in the back court there. This team is big powerful strong good team but you know what

  2. stepped. The bad. Warriors blow out the clips one to have seen him. Tonight be more to what it one point victory for the Dudley continues to play like an all star once again point four points. Thirteen boards and seven assists curry had a game high 31

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  4. eighteen girls and collected here are all amazing and I feel really blessed because to them this year. How many of Kimberly Dudley Hart here that they were a girl photo shoot. We start at 5 AM this morning and here Emeka and then we came over at Monticello

  5. fire Gortat. Gives another aggressive guy who can get out and show hard on the pick and rolls and and then leave because on Dudley you also have I'm planning this in my completely different. And I thought that was the reasoning but you miss you know you

  6. right now I don't know what's. It. Early early that we always end in high energy guy and early in the game you know Gordon Dudley . They're capable of doing it on the floor driving to the basket. I don't get to play an NBA because he has ability attacked

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    so. I mean wouldn't you know want to lose them you know dude you've got it got into a physically depleted position and in Newton successfully so. Obviously this is something. You know Dudley Hart had come to work it was going to be.

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    worked me I mentally I think I would have been object so for that part I'm thankful that I had Tampa ahead you know Rickey Dudley and going and you know everybody was generation you know some people that I was her from anywhere you know league. But you

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    mean you can't ever ever. Underestimate the value of a comeback victory and again the the bullpen has just the end it's Dudley . Another great night for Sergio Romo and Brian Wilson and This is usually pretty good because it was a good right and plus