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Jackson: 'It was a thing of beauty from beginning to end'



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Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

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Or first place I'm that your defense had problems. I think overall bolt you know there's no secret that -- Thompson is. Phenomenal shooter. And I don't think enough credit is given to -- studies tackle a basketball player fellow -- issued a lights out but he defended. First on about defense. -- Steve -- trying to make life tough and overall our defense was awfully impressive tonight. Obviously that's a team coming off a vote you know a big win last night but we did the job that we're supposed to do. There. Are some key moment opening -- reasons it didn't. Ball first -- give credit to and the people that. Can organize big introduction built from the big screen to the curtains -- do. I mean I thought it was first class -- big Tom organizations do it but I thought our guys did a great job of being ready after the cheers. From the ball went out they were ready and prepared. Home. Have -- -- a thing of beauty from from beginning to end designated utility guys maybe get it plays like his mom. But guys -- great job of Reading. Who's hot. And finding a mismatch. Home front doorstep to an outstanding job of running the basketball team you know. First half between him McCoy there was two turnovers. But he random basketball team he realized who have not had an initially got the ball. He played it frighten us. But I was trying to mix it up there was opportunity in front of them there were times when they tried to fight -- Great size and grabbed his ability to catch some basketball. Get smaller guys come. -- started school she was -- So it was no secret about that. Which they set unit you figure that's enough but is he gonna -- -- -- Especially here's how did you could keep an area in the office that you. Didn't know not necessarily. But I think. You know will read it and Dodgers are got to kind of facilitate committee plays. I think is important that one of those guys in the ball game to be a calming effect. Hope for a second unit and -- it was a god had a goal and clay is a guy can play big minutes and it doesn't affect him. Standpoint but what would be good overall team. You know you look at look at him as a basketball player and you appreciate. Everything he does on the floor. Rebound and play make him come. Doesn't -- every shoot stuff this doesn't giving get touches. He's I got what I Q any impacts the game without scoring. And I don't think you look at his numbers. And trying to justify. Why we got to watch how much she's making it doesn't -- -- Andy Andy just as -- to look at him that way he impacts a game we're happy that. Beat yes. I know you love them that it would you that the book is it is leaguers need to get the blood -- -- to look at bogus game the same way. You know I think you look at the people that. Make decisions in the world and we look at guys and waiting impact a game. You know you're demoted you look at Andre took -- -- -- to stat sheet doesn't do anything for them. Rebound and defend and high IQ making plays unselfish in this. His thing of beauty. And their mentality their approach is contagious. And that's why we win ball games. -- went one better than you did well. Yes. Found the reason why because he's healthy and playoffs he still was not healthy and no it was time we didn't know whether he was not play or not you know. We know we don't play we know he's in great shape we know resulting. His presence on the board -- presence and turn out defense. And he's a playmaker. Big skilled guy that can you know lead to breaks run pick and rolls. Dribble hand off. It's it's a phenomenal weapon that we have we're fortunate to have home healthy and -- It's helped that was in the class David Lee -- -- this year would you think of his games. I thought -- played great until it was very important if teams are gonna go small against us. Whoever they put all them all the smaller got to put on -- 45 that guy's got to be aggressive. And that guy's got to force to temple forced issue. I thought David did a great job from the beginning of posting up getting his position and an attacking offensively. And it's -- -- -- that matchup. He's healthy and it obviously is all -- powerful. The -- and there were you when you get forty. No it was a lot of time left in the ball game I just want to make sure. That we were comfortable going into the fall and I thought you know given the guys off the bench they'll twelve minutes in the fourth quarter was fine but I want to make sure it. That week you know kept. The cushion arkansas' lead is concerned before I decided to take them out. Because it isn't it and it's there. What do you look for him and indeed provided him. Bush is a big guy and it has IQ. He's a very skilled big man outstanding touch. But he's continuing to get in better shape he's continue to get stronger. He's a guy and I have no problem put him in the ball game. He understands how to play you know this is very -- is interesting to me looking at guys like meadow and -- They not from his country. But they understand the game of basketball they are talking out principles vocal defense league. Getting what we're doing and it's awfully impressive that how quickly they've they've they've got what we're trying to do. Futility critical positions and yes it is no secret that Toney Douglas was struggling in the pre season. It was a plan as best basketball. But he he showed up 101 lights came on I thought he impacted the game defense really. I thought he did a great job of of running the team something he struggled Witten pre season. -- I think it if you look at it that -- sort of a full week we all wanted to be Jarrett Jack that mile trip that's going to be Jarrett Jack. See who Toney Douglas is -- -- when got you he's got it impacts a game -- factually. And bad times -- kid can really get to go on offense and -- and reasonable transition a few times and then since. Anybody gets to rebound on this team has the light to push to basketball until they get a bunch of turnovers and how old real men. But I encourage those guys to push the ball. There they are great at. -- making plays they're great at reading and reacting and it's a weapon to have all those shoes on the flow also they have a license to do that and any time. Thirty horrendous. Made shots 46 were assisted. Doesn't -- you can count on Seymour this here. Coming here and I don't see any team do that. Every night so you don't expect to see it every night but it's a thing of beauty when we're making plays of one another. We're knocking down shots we have unselfish basketball team with a lot of weapons on the floor and when we are clicking calm. Obviously you know how good we can be. Did you think of any big game it only did poorly and you can do better -- Or you want to nitpick at the end of the day what what you look that is. Even those those guys a full court we made some mistakes. We. We gave up you know dribble drives -- Jordan -- we gave up open jump shots we didn't execute our vote at times we -- little selfish column. Then. What do Citadel's guises we're gonna veto every single one totals guys who don't play it -- when it matters. Every single one hole. And I don't want them to get many bad habits but I did have a great job of hope here which is tough I've been there before -- and then what you would consider garbage minutes. But they did a great job of of defending and put -- -- play unselfish.

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