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6.21: Jeremy Lin talks teamwork at Warriors' youth camp

Tue, 29 Oct 2013|

It will be Patrick Beverly starting over Bay Area native Jeremy Lin when the Rockets open their season against Charlotte on Wednesday night.

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  1. 7.19: Lakers Interested in Jeremy Lin

    with developing story at Palo Alto native Jeremy Lin could be on his way to LA according to espn.com this particular. Undrafted free agent's representative isn't possible

  2. 2.15: Warriors shootaround -- Larry Riley on Jeremy Lin

    Riley explains the story of signing Jeremy Lin and says that he felt if everything developed well, Lin could become a backup point guard in the NBA.

  3. 6.22: Jeremy Lin on Chronicle Live

    NBA Draft hopeful Jeremy Lin from Palo Alto joins Greg Papa.

  4. 2.15: Chronicle Live -- Jeremy Lin's high school coach Peter Diepenbrock

    leads us to the guy. Who is blessed enough to coach Jeremy Lin a Palo Alto high school guys that fairly well right Peter ..... teasing he's matured incredibly Spurs Peter the coach for Jeremy Lin a Palo Alto when they went on to win the division two

  1. Jeremy Lin will not be starting for Rockets Opening Night


    Tue, 29 Oct 2013

    It will be Patrick Beverly starting over Bay Area native Jeremy Lin when the Rockets open their season against Charlotte on Wednesday night.

  2. Jeremy Lin's friends tell him, 'You've changed bro'


    Sat, 17 Aug 2013

    Jeremy Lin 's fame has reached cult levels over the past few years. But Palo Alto's own is flipping the script and poking fun at how it's morphed him.

  3. Dwight Howard spurns Warriors, picks Rockets


    Sat, 6 Jul 2013

    The Warriors tried to add Dwight Howard, but the center decided to team-up with James Harden and Jeremy Lin in Houston.

  4. oriented. That quarter more into action out of Peter finds Jennifer lacy who she and three big jumper it tend evidently it's. Lin between them and then midway through the second Priscilla Lopez you work all by himself he gets around the only if you're at

  5. again this isn't about you guys. Well you know they came out and give them credit they came out hitting shots and Jeremy Lin it about four contested jumpers as it Harden. And you know they way they they made their run but we've just got to

  6. throw down. Instill in the second. Periods of water over Jeremy Lin from them. 29 points eleven assists in the game for curry ..... to just eleven. Pardon ten points in the third later Jeremy Lin that. A driving lay out well don't look at the score

  7. Monta comes to town as Warriors host Bucks


    Sat, 9 Mar 2013

    It was Jeremy Lin Friday. On Saturday, it's Monta Ellis providing an interesting matchup for Stephen Curry in a key game for the Warriors.

  8. Warriors can't score late


    Sat, 9 Mar 2013

    back and Fourth quarter Warriors up to Harden finds. Only our seed and we are tied. Two minutes later was enough to Jeremy Lin falls back on the baseline still Francisco Garcia for the big part of Rockets run. You know when you from Palo Alto

  9. Crowd was reluctant news that we game on used and so well. You know we're about this exceeds those. That's there. This. Warriors obviously. You guys you guys were my guess is the bells and you can see is some battles play out through the very end. Thumb yeah I mean I can't really I don't know

  10. basketball we're gonna wanna tune into Comcast sports net Bay Area at 7 PM for the Warriors pregame live there. Welcome Jeremy Lin and the Rockets do at ORACLE Arena that is your morning read period everyone. That was the windy this morning.

  11. haven't comment explosive back courts and back courts at the Warriors have had difficulty The Houston Rockets with Jeremy Lin and James Harden. They have dominated the Warriors backcourt of staff curry Klay Thompson in each of the two victories

  12. Seems like we didn't definitively say against the new York and against Brooklyn. You got Yeah. Saddam not as much I don't feel the same you can actually feel like it. Base Dave Dave I feel like they let the Sixers to a degree it off well and how they like. We had similar styles I think. That's why

  13. an get on the golden age of Bay Area sports much did it work in a word. No. Exit today the Warriors at home against Jeremy Lin and the Rockets. Seth Curry feeding Harrison Barnes early on it was all fun and good but the second half pretty much

  14. Instant Replay: Rockets 116, Warriors 107


    Wed, 13 Feb 2013

    Jeremy Lin registered 14 points and 10 assists, and the Rockets defeated the Warriors 116-107, sending Golden State to its fifth straight loss.

  15. used in we you know we. You know with and lose one and 234. Thoughts with us. It is just better right now and you know. Heard great things. is really really well when things. Do you your comeback yeah. It's awesome and it's tough to see their ability and not them out there is my first time backward

  16. Lin's return to Oracle puts friendship with Curry on hold


    Tue, 12 Feb 2013

    Stephen Curry considers Jeremy Lin a close friend, but that all flies out the window when the two do battle at Oracle Tuesday night.

  17. com. For the kings hosting of the rocket then we know how much longer we will see that second quarter kings up five Jeremy Lin . Aaron Brooks and a Great what Coast to coast where the defense can really right there fourth quarter knocking down

  18. Smart: 'We made the defensive stops'


    Mon, 11 Feb 2013

    alliance. We knew we got another level while game. But also try mussels some of their guys don't play very well for them Jeremy Lin and champ cars but I a good job would have been. Late in the game I thought our guys are on the floor. They're great

  19. Instant Replay: Rockets 140, Warriors 109


    Tue, 5 Feb 2013

    Jeremy Lin went off against his former team, scoring 28 points, including five of the Rockets' NBA record-tying 23 three-pointers, to lead Houston to a 140-109 win over Golden State.

  20. tightly partly grabbed the board goes back up. To cut the lead but there money was too much thirty seconds left in the game Lin drives it up and finishes that shuts the door as the matadors go out. With a 6860. an entourage of. These 25 points and Byrd