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Jackson doesn't want to put a ceiling on win total



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Thu, 3 Oct 2013|

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-- -- movement -- after seventeen seasons in the NBA Jermaine O'Neal has enough cash in the bank to call it a career but the six time all star has something left in the tank. Coach Mark Jackson doesn't expect the 34 year old to drop twenty points on the -- opponents every game. But coach hopes O'Neal can drop knowledge on the young lawyers doing their quest for title. As you know I've been on. A lot of different sizes professional basketball fan I'd seen in all know and I think. Those stores within itself. Can help. These guys go even further away you know what they did last year but that mentality walked into the gym doing you and you've that is all on the court a decent night. -- we got ahead. I don't know I think that's and then you talk -- we've been talking about so far in the first week -- been together and I and that's been told monologue from his laurels as. -- with a swagger that you got -- -- -- world this mentality -- tough is it to go walking you can win games. Without that you can win the champions. And I think you can tweet -- that a novel little bit. Truly fantastic. It could be a huge season for the Cubs don't miss your first glimpse of this season's talented team on Monday night as the Warriors take on the Sacramento Kings. Right here on Comcast sports net Bay Area at 730. Minutes must see TVS Comcast sports net -- hang in what mister curry. Behind the scenes this summer -- staff. -- -- --

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  1. O'Neal bringing veteran voice to Warriors

    War is officially had any low veteran on Tuesday hello Jermaine O ' Neal a six time all star signed one year two million dollar deal. 3040 years old could expect to back up center. I'm sure everybody

  2. O'Neal talks championship mentality and toughness

    movement after seventeen seasons in the NBA Jermaine O ' Neal has enough cash in the bank to call it a career but ..... points on the opponents every game. But coach hopes O ' Neal can drop knowledge on the young lawyers doing their

  3. O’Neal: Warriors ready to compete for championship

    Yeah you hear your name in the running. Usually in the you know we came down to. Dallas and and the Warriors. Obviously meant to mention your Or she very well and that's when we tar you didn't know retirement home for two years. My accuser and that and so. That makes sense but. Tonight I got a

  4. Jackson: 'We're a good team, but now is the next step'

    permanent. Campbell's ability to protect the paint. I think ability protect paying. Along with the acquisition of Jermaine O ' Neal . It makes us better having two healthy big guys back there. That understand. An estimated thought about it is

  1. in. As it was unseasonably or month I don't know we play you know play every other day for almost an episode. You try and O ' Neal was that I think. It's you know. And you know it universal about us when he was today you know would talk to around. Teams

  2. s a presence in the middle if it does not make them better defensively as well it's a heck of a shot blocker. Jermaine O ' Neal is gonna play some minutes off the bench and he's a terrific shot blocker even you turn 35 just a couple of weeks

  3. complaining game Ballgame on Sunday against Washington and you know the place to be when it's over Raiders post game live with Hank the tank Romo and O ' Neal . Of course they got covered after every run Comcast sports net California and.

  4. that we felt fit this basketball team. And now we feel like we've got better so absolutely. Luxury is having Jermaine O ' Neal who has the ability to play before can score on the block can defend. Adding RJ are valid ability to defend at two

  5. How much did you ever grow more there. In the business news blogs. And Watson's championships. But yeah. Rooms. It's just an office. Intruders. To too Personal world so I It's you know we're gonna change soon. You know it's marvels. It's. An uproar over it. It won't versions built between Jacobs.

  6. Being smart and being Shaq is a potentially appealing concept


    Tue, 24 Sep 2013

    Can new Kings minority owner Shaquille O ' Neal help speed the bumpy downtown arena campaign to fruition?

  7. Shaq shows Sacramento love as Kings minority owner


    Tue, 24 Sep 2013

    Declaring the new name of the city "Shaqramento," Shaquille O ' Neal made amends with Kings fans for past verbal swipes as the newest owner.

  8. right now I don't know whenever we Atlanta and obviously in the. 37 and much six on Monday night in their last nine appearances. There one in late but one link was to give the Broncos you amber it's O ' Neal and not talent sports can't.

  9. Shaquille O'Neal to join Kings ownership group


    Mon, 23 Sep 2013

    The Kings announced Monday that Shaquille O ' Neal will be introduced as the the newest member of Vivek Ranadive's ownership group.

  10. Yet you give me horses and having guys that. You know the real consistent written and some guest hosting. Either Jermaine O ' Neal . This talk of him on the phone. Kind of you can see you know he's been around the block in those what it's

  11. me out and you know. Gotta go on the price ever you've got to get better because tap me if you look bad even though he's O ' Neal and souls. Just as motivates me to give does that. But it definitely doesn't mean if you're a half step on the guys view

  12. Three introduce ourselves to the seventeen year and I felt that and a guy who was all decade in the shots. My good buddy low O ' Neal Lorenzo and I nobody. Goes young grade are you body feel really good Dennis Allen. Talk about veterans Carter. Woodson what

  13. Just stands out at the end player in his attempt to feel that way when you're straight away and the ball moves through yeah O ' Neal that wasn't mistake I made them. There's a mistake earlier in the game. We'll look back on it and it cost us games so

  14. Warriors introduce C Jermaine O'Neal


    Tue, 23 Jul 2013

    The Warriors announced the addition of 34-year-old veteran Jermaine O ' Neal Tuesday, bringing key depth to a recovering front court.

  15. offensive guys are hungry for a playoff success. That we did get better so. Even at Tony Douglas Murray sprays Jermaine O ' Neal accident. To the equation. Our roster is solid and everybody comes back healthy. They were you know Graham lives

  16. turnabout is fair play that was very follow wolves we just saw I just can't on myself on that one. Let's get to this Shaquille O ' Neal and not very nice words about the city of Houston when it comes a Dwight Howard got one how changing. Well Shaq obviously still

  17. Wednesday July 10 the Warriors continue to make some moves Golden State adds depth. But coming in terms veteran big man Jermaine O ' Neal and point guard Toney Douglas also signed their first round my name Nevin. Baseball nowadays there 21 winners over

  18. Jermaine O'Neal agrees to one-year deal with Warriors


    Tue, 9 Jul 2013

    The Warriors added size Tuesday, agreeing to a one-year contract with 17-year NBA veteran Jermaine O ' Neal , CSNBayArea.com confirmed.

  19. s a word do that we throw around a lot come really I don't think anyone in the league is. Wilt Chamberlain and Shaquille O ' Neal guys like that were traded at one point. Technically LeBron James was a sign and trade from from Cleveland to Miami so. Com

  20. Shaq planning to mentor DeMarcus Cousins?


    Thu, 27 Jun 2013

    Shaquille O ' Neal is one of the best big men of all time. He believes he can make DeMarcus Cousins the best big man in the game today.