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2.23: SAC/ORL postgame -- Jermaine Taylor



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Mon, 23 May 2011|

Ward talks with Greg Papa about his world ranking and upcoming fight.


Machine Generated Transcript

At the W a couple of Saturdays ago against Arthur Abraham and moves the super six final the champ is back on chronicle live Oakland's -- Andrei warm welcome back under Torre I'm doing good good to be back you are doing well and they were talking during the broadcast that's what Jim Gray -- the question was -- your most complete fight Antonio charter and Al Bernstein. Thought it was did you watch the fight back and was -- your most complete fighting years baker who are honestly I haven't lost a fight yet. I normally take about a week is sort of -- on line you know I've been entrenched in the super six and Arthur Abraham for the past two and a half three months are kind of -- But after -- week -- -- -- -- and it's 21 -- two wanna look at defied it. You know based on and not that I have of the product felt like it was a good performance based on the opponent that I -- Arthur Abraham is a former champion. Defend this title over ten times he's he's not a slot now and -- -- top level fighter makes up their mind that they're not you know that they're not gonna give you much and they want to survive it's kind of hard to knock. I thought you were not as complete in this fight is the one against -- I got what you were better against -- is -- fair to say it just wasn't feeling it in the -- yeah well I think I think when what you're saying is is who's more action in in that 5% -- -- in the Kessler. He was defendant is built. And He He was more offensive so they gave me more opportunities to to showcase my skills -- -- to do -- I had to do so totally different fighter. In Arthur Abraham and He waits He doesn't give you much. He tries to load up one or two shots and that's a typical -- -- -- a member of the week of the Kessler fight I was literature major big press conference down -- we -- -- in studio and I told -- this before -- -- -- -- -- just -- -- in the -- He -- He thought He was gonna -- -- To tell the audience the story about when -- when they were promoting the super six would have before -- started you went over to Germany. And you kind of there but they weren't paying you a lot of a lot of credibility at that point you were just there kind of answer their questions but nobody getting much of a shot to even make these files and -- absolutely now I -- to believe in. I missed the initial press conference in New York when they announced wholesome pursuits and made everybody in Berlin. That's kind of laid back and I kind of just you know scope out the scene so to speak in. You know. It was more of a European type of party so to speak in in the in the americans' Jermaine was coming off to a a bad loss and He was there for the namesake. And damion -- had a -- with the young guys who were just really supposed to spice things up. But not make too much noise and that's what I saw LS Berlin very motivated you -- -- both should be Abraham and yet. And you because they're not now you're on the finals Jim Gray asked you about what you wanna do to get better. Virgil putters as -- about 75%. Of what you are going to be later in your career. How do you get that last 25% become a that the very best Andre -- can possibly. However I keep working on you have to keep working hard and keep watching my fights in just and figure out what I could get better. What adjustments need to be made. And you know to our credit you got to understand them I'm only 27 years old and have only had that of the world championship but just slightly over a year now. Just give me a little time to keep -- season and I just think the best is yet to come. Do you worry about the the knock outs 'cause that's the one thing your detractors say about Q you are precise you're technically sound of the way you flip with the left -- jam -- -- and -- Go to the right and jab and -- your flight so -- it's beautiful to watch but the detractors say. You don't drop people enough to make his sexy enough do you worry about that in your mind as you progress throughout your career you got to get more -- us. And knocked out -- always. Said this before we don't get paid -- now so as soon as I can get out of that rain -- the better. I don't worry about it because you have to if you really do your research and you watch the top level guys there's not a lot of knockdowns. At the top level if you look at. Arthur Abraham was touted to be a very big punches. Who was the last knock out that He was against Jermaine Taylor wood are becoming an awful the knockout loss the same for call for -- he's touted to be a big -- that was his last night. Guys are not getting stopped and knocked out at this level very often. It's about getting that victory and -- knock outs are gonna come a lucky team gets sees some of your recent quote I wanted to champion for a long time and take the least of not a punishment. As possible people don't understand that that's why you're so good defensively people can't can't get a blown one -- My father brought into the gym when I was nine years old He looked Virgil and I my China's -- are so my godfather He seemed teach myself how to hit. In hockey team. And to some that sounds like you're reluctant -- But if you watch my fights that you know I love to be aggressive when I need to be in -- -- to mix it up and at the end of the day it's about. Winning it's about progressing and like you just mentioned taking taking the least amount of punishment as possible because one day. I'm gonna have to walk away from this sport I got to still be a father still be still be day. You haven't lost since you were just a kid went twelve years of days -- I don't know I didn't you know weren't gonna bring that back are you are gonna get the winner of the Carl for rush Glen Johnson fight coming up which is going to be on June the fourth you're not only going to be and it Atlantic City, New Jersey. You're actually got to work the fight for showtime you're going to be an analyst. Critiquing the two guys in the one of them is going to be your your opponent why would you take that chance under. It's pretty ironic but the opportunity came up and it rolls and you know it's it's well publicized that I wouldn't you know broadcast while fighting when I'm done. So you know I jumped all over. I'll go -- go to the fighting anyway so. I got the best seed now I think -- listen to every single thing -- -- -- a what do you mean by that I can I get in there aren't you worried about giving away your thoughts about the winner. I won't give too much heat out here you're just and a here's market I do want to ask you about ring magazine they mentioned you're in the top ten up -- in our audience now you moved -- since -- winning -- Abraham -- -- to click on the link saw that we are number nine. That's a big deal to you in the ninth best fighter in the world. Pound for pound. It's unbelievable and all I wanted to would you say thank you to those who voted for me. That is what we continue to work hard and just saw that I'm -- to be on the list. And Oakland obviously is very proud you infect right after the fight was over I -- -- -- that one of the guys right exercise there with a two belts on H one on -- shoulder but the current head coach of the Oakland Raiders Q it Jackson is right there as -- have you and you've become tight now. When you you know we go to the same church and well in Dublin a pass from the -- -- in his role I've asked him. He was the honorary guest at the weigh -- He just and so support and it made a big deal to me. He's a great to enjoy all the talking there -- like He just reminds me and everything ordered -- -- -- -- actually -- -- today they can actually usually over your -- you can be a pretty good free -- attack -- specialty you can blow somebody out there I played a ten years and approximately ten years that -- Andre congratulations to thank you. We'll check you out coming up as a commentator on June 4 for the commentary if Russia. Johnson fight for number nine. Pound for pound fighter on the world according to ring magazine.

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