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2.10: Jerry Sloan retires from the NBA



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Wed, 26 Dec 2012|

The Warriors fixed a few leaks and it showed in their dominant win over the Blazers.


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He'll learn. From them off that this game we gave up a fourteen point lead. Here you can't get the team that has been nine and two. Nearly every night. The couple -- not even at that we were able to -- -- tonight that has looked at bats isn't about who to vote over the past three or four games because we won a lot of normally I felt for a player -- basketball. Was most of what Davis tonight I think we did them. The thing that was tremendous tonight he'll hold them to 83 -- season -- for a story where your team and a good team. Through all four quarters of went off for -- -- they have always formidable opponents best in the builder. A lot of it is -- -- always been pretty crazy atmosphere. And we cannot -- a mindset to focus. Got home we wouldn't be the time it's who pulled out a little bit basketball it was thought stepped out of going are they never has bordered on breathless not a policy. What's gotten into you know the last season games -- averaging over eighteen. Sacramento's season right when he got against the Lakers who came out tonight and provide story again what is -- entering the zone right. I just got to be aggressive and take with the team give me a -- -- a confident player I prepare myself like. You know I'm almost. Serious player in the league and about it as a division I -- a -- got to be a positive of what -- One thing I've noticed about shot volume. You know might contact you don't mind a little body contact keeping your head on the floor that night. But the field so I would like what you think -- into the pit you pit -- number one thing coach Jerry Sloan. Us that the papers that Kim -- David a tuxedo. You gotta -- so you got to be ready get down get dirty get ready -- that's tight playoff as I've ever but it went in game. Like your thoughts on a player hasn't had a lot of that is but he had a tremendous contribution and an idea of Padres being on the grid is going to be -- the -- bought it bought them to go to him. David against the all star caliber player about seventy played great defense with a plus -- in the middle strong side and we decided. Doesn't profits they're ready. -- Terrific road win for you congratulations tonight.

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