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11.3: Chronicle Conversation -- Jerry West, Part 1


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Tue, 25 Jun 2013|

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Are out by saying how humble. Humble in how. Blessed and privileged -- to have this opportunity in front of you know mr. -- he's one of the most respective. Owner. National sports and to have the opportunity to work for him. To work for him and to work we -- guys. On this as well as with Tim and you know as changes. We don't common known each other from afar without really knowing each other have a lot of friends in common. People that we work with and come in and as much as they were interviewing me. You know I was interviewing them as well. We have been fortunate to be around great players from the times I've entered into the NBA in 1988. All the way through to when -- which retired as a player in 2003. And the guys that I've been able to work for and be around from the -- our backs to me. Larry birds and Jerry west's. Even announcers like chick -- and Johnny most you know so. You know feel that been prepared by the best of the best for a long time. Been looking forward to this opportunity. And have been. Able to be in a position to kind of you know sit back in -- sit back has been a grueling. Grinding process. And I'm a lot more. Relaxed and I was this time yesterday. But you know just looking forward to. You know to. Coming here and work with these guys and trying to lead this team to where I think we can take you you know for me. From the beginning of the time I came in the league to be in that the organizations and we've experienced. Championship. Or bust basically this kind of pressure that's been. You know but to associated with the teams that I've been with and so I love this roster. -- I think it's young. It's fresh. Energetic there's some you know I have a lot of respect for coach Karl. And what he's been able to accomplish throughout his career on the night you know trying to come here and fill his shoes. I wanna build on. What. The good things that he was able to do with this team. And create you know my own legacy and put my own stamp on things with the help of these guys and so he I'm 47 years old I'm I still feel like I'm very young. Although I'm you know collects it creep in a fifty. But I feel like I'm a young coach with a no so. And I have these two gentlemen here who are young as well and so I'm very excited about.

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  1. player in 2003. And the guys that I've been able to work for and be around from the our backs to me. Larry birds and Jerry west 's. Even announcers like chick and Johnny most you know so. You know feel that been prepared by the best of the best

  2. list that you. Well. Humbly submit to you I've seen Jerry West and out coverage and and it's no disrespect to them ..... remember Clyde Frazier going against. Good region and Jerry West those were two good shoes. I'm deal with two great

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  4. you always play the Warriors that's just the fact or his magic number six coming in. Jerry West and Bill Russell that's just two of the best that ever the Can start to get on a twelve to run the inevitable. Finds David

  5. some good shots but we've we've played have been able to because of his. I'm gonna ask one other question about Jerry West has to be sitting next to Bill Russell was someone like yourself since his second. NBA could be playing in front legends

  6. I think anybody that's lost track of people that kind of paved the way Houston state. I think Bill Russell. And Jerry West like. Guys that. That days when it's possible. Against great. But I mean it's you know that's that's. A

  7. actually is gonna work fifteen hours a day all right well we got a hand raised over here. Maybe they bring him in any Jerry West esque role as an somebody who can help Reggie McKenzie Reggie and go to the say. They might what do you think about

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    Golden State Warriors Co-Executive Chairmen Joe Lacob and Peter Guber, Executive Board Member Jerry West issued statements on the passing of Jerry Buss.

  9. are doing great things media day on Monday. He does have the countdown to opening night yeah your outlook community Jerry west was out the community they count on those all the way to opening night October 31 going to be what do you Dillon That

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    love playing basketball and that's fantastic a question here in terms of you was your first draft. And you've got Jerry West area of Larry Riley Travis slicker Joseph of Mark Jackson. How did you keep that roomed together you get some Smart

  12. would tell you as the job of our front the job of our staff. Is to build this team through assets and that's on the Jerry West always. Well I hit upon as we need to get more assets on this team. And Comcast sports net Bay Area has wall to wall

  13. astute in the basketball area that I Jerry West to it helped guide me in. Also great ..... tell you. We don't have any as is Jerry West would say shrinking violets in our ..... Myself ours just in general managers Jerry West scouts. We are every single scenario

  14. tomorrow let's continue our discussion about the Golden State Warriors and what happened with the draft and we bring in Jerry West to consult with a club and he's been through a bunch of times before next time it's Tim cal coming here as well and

  15. notes this it's a great throwing soon do things that I love. That is job right now. You show here and these guys like Jerry West . I was little bloopers thus it is across the table from but then you know it became more relaxed than just a normal

  16. Hey hopefully Bob Myers and Jerry West have unlimited minutes on their cell plans for all those draft picks. You know they're gonna be feeling tons of calls about

  17. The Warriors announce their plan to move to San Francisco for the 2017 season.

  18. medical team trainers. Front office the logo find dress I thought actually I want my L logo my new logo socks in honor Jerry West today. And he said we're gonna great people around the players once again taking away the excuse that we don't

  19. The Warriors announced their plan to move to San Francisco for the 2017 season.

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    an agreement. Solid then of course not. A lot of talk about. No I don't. Mark Jackson yes very different organ. Jerry West said they would never taking game And they started 59 goals against against the San Antonio team that was trying to throw