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12.31: The Weekend Riff, New Year's Edition



  1. Danny Fortson7:52
  2. Joel Przybilla3:36
  3. Brandon Roy4:06, 4:12
  4. Kenyon Martin's1:35
  5. Monta Ellis4:43
  6. Charlie Frye6:05
  7. Ray Lewis6:07
  8. Marcus Russell5:52
  9. Tim Tebow1:21, 7:46
  10. Tom cable6:11, 6:17
Thu, 31 Dec 2009|

Insiders Mychael Urban and Matt Steinmetz riff on the big weekend of games ahead as Urban (5-3) tries to extend his picks lead over Steinmetz (4-4) headed into 2010.


Machine Generated Transcript

Well and we can rip math assignments Michael Irvin -- take a look at this weekend's games talk about it a little bit come back on Monday and revisit. Happy holidays happy new year everybody. I shouldn't get rights are. Sugar ball. -- -- -- -- -- I think it's the only believe -- we've really adjusted yet four against. Yeah it all sorts drama involved in the coaches will change -- got Kelly not gonna coach his bearcats -- in the second consecutive. These youthful Cincinnati football. Program. He's not coaching at Notre Dame job now they're happens -- guy he's assistant coach he's going to be coaching. But guess what he's not even going to be an experience. He's gonna go to Buffalo. -- -- -- -- -- We kill you understand. I I don't know either but I like the bearcats in this game and the reasons -- because I always liked the basketball program. Back and they made nick van excellent today we're and I always thought that Bob Huggins didn't get the credit he deserves there. -- like the bearcats in this game that solid reason and I I think of football I just think it you know this mess with Urban Meyer. Will filtered out of the field. And I like the bearcats teams I actually think the gators could be inspired by the whole Urban Meyer health problems and Tim Tebow you go to -- close. When most decorated sculptures laws. Six or. Bearcats maybe. What he's more forum. And it -- and Kenyon Martin's. Solid program all sports are right next we're gonna move on to let's go little pockets of Sharks. You notice. Yeah -- not -- -- sports metaphors because your favorite. All time -- heatley. I like the Sharks here and you know we know that Edmonton's at the bottom of the Northwest Division but I think what they've been I've been doing. Look at his other stats and I noticed that Gretzky is not among their scoring leaders he's obviously haven't been -- -- quiet things down this year. -- the Sharks are rolling. Look at their January schedule reminders of extra things well. Quite a few home games charts in January I think that is the ball on the puck movement whatever you say hockey. I like the Sharks here so why exactly -- -- big -- -- -- -- quickly and well you know he's got back to Canada certainly. And of course David Beasley played in Ottawa Ottawa Edmonton. You know -- -- actually turned out traded into the game is actually it's it's -- -- you know. You know sometimes you caught up in the peripheral stuff and forget that the games played on the street investment you're on this one as -- -- -- -- -- as well sure you all are you 55 points and a couple close. But it's terrible team and it must be because Christians. Well I think -- -- if you games under 500 they're not that head. Like 1520 -- All taping. As it. As we go to -- OK so promising -- Welcome -- And oh by the way. That I was more let's go through a hockey. If you take charge of the doubt why -- -- ward has their act Portland. Interesting game here that's the one team that's. The Warriors can't eat injury excuse because where it was actually more effort in the Warriors and -- and you'll hear accurate it was and Greg -- Joel Przybilla. And where they got their -- back Rudy Fernandez. -- -- -- Would think his game I think it's all right I'd like to see them go to his right little bit more to -- him and like to see him step back and figure -- -- instantly in Russia. And a and the Warriors. Warriors are playing better plate no doubt about it they beat Portland about a month back that nice job against Brandon Roy. I've got -- Portland trailblazers just because. Materialized because Brandon Roy did not have a good game out of -- -- arena he's too good players now ones I don't like to do it. I think -- -- and -- the -- Unfortunately -- green this morning again because this is tough game in order shoot went. And we're winning games -- not supposed to win they lose the games this year where we've Przybilla and Oden Al leaders got their bigs Barack. This game you expect him to win yeah and bring it right off the against the team that was the worst seat in the arena. -- I didn't have a bad game Monta Ellis -- excuse for a third or -- subject. Okay so. We we agree on -- but I think we're gonna disagree. On the Raiders taking. No I don't think we are because topic -- the Ravens because JaMarcus Russell once again not starting clearly. This is that you know the Raiders. -- -- time I got some people ready to wise in the Raiders they're not happy with the way -- Victory players and teammates. Down on cable. -- -- -- long term future that is long term future -- last about three more days. You wrestle -- flew -- and there year I was in the house tonight -- They'll call that no call them word he had a plate of nachos like this and I. That's a smile while skating that's a lot out delivered them use going -- -- sneak them on the bands. Don't know if a runner does that before marathon that's called car blows. When he does he gets criticized for that's. What a marathon runner is actually in physical condition Marcus Russell is like 350 Raiders are my team I'm -- against them. As a backlash to the treatment of two markets with. We're victims and to -- there's nowhere can go owners Charlie Frye played against Ray Lewis rich Ravens they needed victory to get into the playoffs they've got motivation. Tom cable minuses of this job last year but not the team -- and now it's not gonna happen this time we're never gonna see Tom cable again in Oakland. Mike Dempsey the winner JaMarcus -- -- finally we're gonna go to. Reported net looking to go eight and eight they're taking on the only programs -- one I think around him when victory. I'm doing my pictures so that you can accuse me of following nearly that are. -- Don't do what I gotta go with the niners there is an excellent singletary is -- -- so that -- name. Is tremendous season. -- ribs this week the Lions last week kidding me. As the worst two game stretch in the flyers last. That's because I was distracted by the holidays I wanted to make a splash you know -- Ever since I've found out we're keeping score I'm taking this much more seriously. The Rams. Which lays out -- It makes my cubicle for like an hour earlier this morning I come back from the bathroom. I don't know -- in the bathroom and that's an addiction -- -- But actually mastery out of my Q this is why we're having it. Be to bring him. -- the 49ers. Were ahead 88 season camouflage his. Many short period so basically I'm gonna I am government that is well so is all of a picture will or should we revisit that real quick I'm wrong -- Urban Meyer the emotional times there. Tim Tebow not gonna close out its glorious college career with a loss. He's going to Cincinnati Bearcats because you like Danny Fortson and Bob Huggins -- -- an axle when one favorite. Tickets on Monday.