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Kings overcome 17-point deficit, shock Warriors at Sleep Train



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Thu, 24 Oct 2013|

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Time now who -- win these morning minute on CSN Bay Area dot com. Good morning everybody's got -- race here in the Comcast sports net studios with your morning minute good news for the Sharks and their fans Dan Boyle rejoined his team yesterday in Boston. We'll participate in morning skate today won't play tonight against the Bruins but it's a big step in the right direction. Getting -- back on the ice Warriors and kings pre season action didn't look like if this was a spirited rivalry game. Warriors by 110. To play somebody forgot to guard John Salmons home reporter. Makes -- a 2.0 kings lead. Other end final second David -- -- hits the first misses the second and that's in a one point win for the kings at home. The disappointing part is we need to rebound when you need to stop we didn't come up what is so. The good teams are great teams two teams. You know a planned for June. You know you gotta come off the court Spurs also championship because of their inability to get a rebound. When it -- And we bring this full circle back to the Sharks who will drop the puck at 4 o'clock on Comcast sports net California against the Bruins pregame live. At 330 I'm Scott -- this is thin at the morning minute. CSN Bay Area dot com.

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  1. Kings' late rally edges Warriors; Boyle set for return

    season action didn't look like if this was a spirited rivalry game. Warriors by 110. To play somebody forgot to guard John Salmons home reporter. Makes a 2.0 kings lead. Other end final second David hits the first misses the second and that

  2. 2.4: GSW/SAC -- game highlights

    like One point game Sacramento up seventeen seconds ago John Salmons missed that The rebound Tyreke Evans does he to go two ..... 10 to get out two without too much from the game. On Salmons . Would three Sacramento draws first blood in the extra

  3. 2.4: GSW/SAC postgame -- Keith Smart

    s very positive on both sides of the ball. You know John Salmons is starting to find a nice little rhythm now on the ..... again we and we have off helps us. Coach what what's John Salmons doing differently and the last couple it has anything

  4. Smart: 'Demarcus Cousins is the guy that makes it all work'

    to take them because. Guys are going to. Put pressure on our big guys double we have some mismatch out there we had John Salmons also had some mismatches he made some plays. I've made some big shots for us when drug use him as a focal point in

  1. Salmons' late trey gives Kings comeback win over Warriors


    Wed, 23 Oct 2013

    The Kings trailed by 14 early in the fourth quarter, but John Salmons ' three-pointer with less than eight seconds remaining lifted the Kings past Golden State.

  2. Kings roll past Hornets behind big night from Salmons


    Thu, 11 Apr 2013

    John Salmons scored 22 points, Marcus Thornton contributed 20 off the bench, and the Kings defeated the Hornets 121-110.

  3. Bogut: 'I'm not a numbers guy'


    Tue, 5 Mar 2013

    weapons that are really had established roles of potential lineups a couple of times and it dangerous teams exit you know John Salmons . Was getting mental side reasons I love playing well. My thoughts play well I mean there are a lot of guys don't

  4. Kings dominate Bobcats 119-83


    Mon, 4 Mar 2013

    The Kings got a rare blowout win 119-83 over the league-worst Charlotte Bobcats on Sunday behind John Salmons ' 22 points.

  5. being in the game today as well you know 27 one Wins and had totaling ninety. We do like to try to celebrate our past here Salmons and that was one of the reasons he was there today but what a great resource for younger guys. A people person who. Let

  6. John has been a lot of fun watching you guys play lately. And unselfish play this game really know what about two minutes left to go in the first half talk about that run you guys went on did. How he does lock down defense we got some stops now we've moved the ball. got a lot of shots that you know

  7. you go by you and he made a couple of big shots to accommodate they made some phenomenal shots. Coach that play or John Salmons went to pick up to six without a plan my fortieth or were selfless in place and out the biggest thing was. Beats locate

  8. up game. Would function to Glen Davis. They wouldn't try to post a smoker I would follow him at the right would John Salmons . Marcus store to get a good good job there Francisco. Until we get a good job and took him out and pulls him a lot

  9. this is going to be a positive. Question the American 453. Today. After pretty much went to this year's rotation and also Salmons dominant performance Aaron of course I just. In my you've just got to get him back back into the game and play a little

  10. Curry on his health: 'I feel great'


    Thu, 16 Aug 2012

    did defensively and offensively so the he's benefit forces you would. Have a farm in part of issue with him. When they go Salmons record are here. So. In this thing we have going here his speech in this is careers again and it's it's. It's fun

  11. him for the most part but overall. He made our team look again like we had been playing before we had his injury and John Salmons injury so I'm very pleased that he came back and play. Because he gave our team the look that we had in what we strive

  12. couldn't move. our game with the guys and brother. Good job moving his great. We'll have deflated real good about John Salmons and he's been struggling. Two big shots in the final. You know he he wanted to you know he took the Johnson and

  13. 1.5 SAC MIL postgame -- Tyreke Evans


    Fri, 6 Jan 2012

    and then. The one thing though that last play you took Brandon Jennings out of the game which you had to do and and John Salmons really got into Stephen Jackson big time. It definitely has done this season before suffering. Can guard the best

  14. player and a proven winner you know on the defensive effort that we saw tonight. Option a lot of starts you we saw John Salmons Tyreke Evans. As well really get into people and not make it tough on the Lakers to get the shots they wanted. Exactly

  15. and I think the only guys really been here in the process I was here in no way it is. sisco and even though now since John Salmons is back to so then I guess is weird for me to sit down event but own. Did desolate that's what boss who tells you

  16. 12.16: Chronicle Live -- Tyreke Evans


    Fri, 16 Dec 2011

    look at the roster for the kings. You've got you Jimmer Fredette who can score Marcus Thornton can score you add John Salmons is a score. What is the thought in Sacramento right now are you outscored teams in order to win. I'm definitely

  17. not sure how He fits in with the team that also added John Salmons who they already know can be proud. Locker room thinking ..... are you shoot announcement in someone's not I called Salmons but then again they don't play me anymore so maybe

  18. 6.24: Morning Minute


    Fri, 24 Jun 2011

    same kings guard Beno Udrih. To the box Corey Maggette to the Bobcats and Steven Jackson to the the kings also got John Salmons . Milwaukee. I'm just a baseball there is Minnesota no match for Tim Lincecum. On Thursday and AT&T. fans. Twelve

  19. 3.23: SAC/MIL -- game highlights


    Thu, 24 Mar 2011

    the Eastern Conference that they hosted the teams we go straight to the fourth with a chanting bring kicks it out to John Salmons . They hit a wide open three that put the up by one on the back on the team. his deal with Beno did Jason Thompson

  20. bugs in the fast break coach Jennings with the fans the John Salmons for the It seems that some of got off to a really hot ..... the clean up there in time winding down in the third Salmons again fifth at three pointer from the corner. Bucks