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12.12: MIN/SAC Postgame- Jon Brockman


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Mon, 4 Feb 2013|

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-- -- acted like they beat up in east night out just controlling play early on great Jackson at night it rained down. And I are the only unique Jabbar bird without. The right at them it. You know ten at -- Mark Ellis hit and looked at three up and that's. Well but that I -- actor needs Edmonds junior and that three. Please enough -- -- -- -- and Jon Brockman and with that -- over a bar or at yeah. Rick I am I not current quarter. You -- -- it done out remarked well mannered and don't count three. Got them hard on -- not down at three I knew I. Well and that it would have to Edmonds junior. It is and up well let. And -- in Allen opted. To keep up on out.

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    been playing a lot of this homestand Jon Brockman seems like your had a lot of fun how a lot of fun other guys how to ..... take it. They listen man you're in the NBA. It feels great that Jon Brockman .

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  1. and looked at three up and that's. Well but that I actor needs Edmonds junior and that three. Please enough and Jon Brockman and with that over a bar or at yeah. Rick I am I not current quarter. You it done out remarked well mannered and don

  2. you and that we in the big services and me. Live from the tape and bag first thing's first let's talk about this matchup Brockman talked about it at the top a couple of red hot teams square off against each other. this game a measuring stick you think

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    think they left loving him and I think like throughout all of our rookies we've got some great performances. From Tyreke Brockman came in and gave us five offensive boards and certainly Donte' green and Jason Thompson fantastic end Kevin Martin and really

  4. ll try to different back. On Brockman and love Donte' green after four ..... career high. I'm 34 points. Jon Brockman a career high of fourteen rebounds ..... player another guy how you keep Jon Brockman off the floor for big minutes on

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    can ask anything more from from he played. Every minute he's out there he was he was extremely. Dominant. I thought that Brockman and Donte Greene. In particular those guys Nocioni we started playing with the kind of aggressiveness you need. To win basketball

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    incredible for anybody little over twenty year old and a I thought we got some some great performances. Particularly from a Brockman and Spencer. Some clutch play from from other other guys as well but. If you underestimate these guys you be making a big

  7. 1.5: SAC/PHO Postgame- Paul Westphal


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    re gonna keep coming back start winning these close games. I don't know what else would which you can say about Jon Brockman . What what unbelievable performance he gave us in the second half. And we're a rebound of I think nine or eleven

  8. likely CNN Sacramento. Togetherness we showed out there that we got some great performances. Off the bench with. No Sione Sergio when he Mahan and Brockman they just everyone of them came in and and and gave us a lot they did what they do.

  9. Contributions off the bench. Whether Sergio Moreno. He made. Phenomenal play by under pressure but. The guys that the game. Jon Brockman . by him and it's change a whole game and gave our. Offensive players chance to make some better make some plays

  10. coaches get together talk about it just filmed. And decide what we think is best detest. That our rotations good tonight. Brockman unable to place on May continually. Continue to be unable to play in the so anyway that's. That the Eagles factor in the

  11. it seemed like it gave us extra extra quick to south and I Brockman and Kenny Thomas were. Over the boards it was it was really ..... But. Who we we've had a Tyreke you don't and then and Brockman and Donte Greene who really. It's hard to project how much

  12. games and as long as we can get the rebounds that's a great place great great way to play and other way JT and Kenny and Brockman rebounding the ball it is let us. Have that kind of line up and and kind of only Sergio so. He's got that you know he

  13. he can be guarded so. He's and he just shows a lot of fight in veteran savvy and competitiveness. And you know between Brockman Kenny in the Jason Thompson at power forward position is is his. Is pretty well stocked with me and here in their chest

  14. for from from Morissette. And you know Brockman came in in. Really pretty much restore ..... we want him to understand. Coach flip Brockman do when he east race and kind of restore ..... Nobody's ever questioned the size. Brockman comes to rebounding he's gonna get

  15. and try to get something. One defensively and really just never did although. You know I think was Sergio Rodriguez and now Brockman advanced be they they brought a lot to the table and they ended the game each time try to about a remarkable play for a And

  16. s if it comes from the players. I I think when you. we we picked three players in the draft with the with. or and and Brockman who won the first things that any scouting report says about them is how competitive they are. And complete. You're being

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    That I some of the media types what I want to see you know planned by the numbers is like well tonight Kenny Thomas Jon Brockman . You know they play have a bigger role and they made the very next game depending on the situation but in this game

  18. more rebounds in the scheme and he got the whole season. And so he's he's he's rebounding like Brockman shooting free throws like Brockman . Who sometimes we just honestly I mean I don't wanna go too overboard about it. Guys just played

  19. trusting each other offensively I mean there were some phenomenal performances by our young players you know. Particularly Brockman and and and Tyreke. When we needed XQ we executed like a young team never played together and so I just told them most them

  20. Gavin talks about Spencer Hawes' influence on their acquiring Jon Brockman .