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5.31 Steinmetz NBA Draft -- Jordan Hamilton


  1. Lakers1:31
Tue, 31 May 2011|

Hamilton details his game and what he can provide for an NBA franchise.


Machine Generated Transcript

What are you -- Played two -- three. Whatever team wanted to play. Great about. -- -- It's kind of exciting -- -- I'll think -- -- But I. You can work out like no. -- -- First discovered. I guess at the end. Kind of get a feel. Aside from the work out maybe he'd get the chances at -- and -- managers aren't out. The Lakers and the a good experience -- -- And do what kind of stuff that they have you doing out there just -- -- -- on the right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of shots. I'm going to -- right. Small forward that -- -- two of them. Rebounds did -- transitional. Much do you think you run through -- shots elections fashion. It was just starts here and they'll tell that to coach so if that also myself more to. You know another -- coming. They're they're more now. -- -- It's. And overall. Reporters here who will be today I don't move well they're just more -- lined up.