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  2. Chris Pronger2:53
  3. Stanley Cup playoff1:07
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  6. Jordan Hill2:28
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Tue, 17 Apr 2012|

Highlights from the Sharks 4-3 loss to the Blues in Game 3.


Machine Generated Transcript

Brian Elliott getting the start as expected. Read his first start. Of this best of seven series the -- covered nine of all time in game three today. Their last five under those circumstances so here we go first period -- calling out the -- interferes with Joseph Thornton. Is sent off for two of the Sharks on a power play they had their chances said he on this too. Dallas Green played -- get pucks to the front of the net that one. Kelly you see no problem handled the rebound there but I like the fact that damn world full maturity is gonna get somebody barking from the belly as we can see if he stops just like now. There's -- -- -- -- a high stick with about six to go in the first period so. The blues have their first power play. You just get a puck towards the net and that there's a little hit home -- because they had good traffic. Then Johnny on the spot like I said earlier. -- today from right -- the the easiest -- after -- Is sharks' comeback going -- or. Its first ever Stanley Cup playoff goal. I didn't want that Joseph -- just try to place it into the corner there were virtual speed into it. That's latest defenseman slot and then Burgess takes advantage of that we'll put some backside that Chris Russell that center fielder. Second period we go just admitted in the deflection to. Who played a whale of a hockey game it's 21. Yeah -- we saw this run earlier in the going to be just goes out the back door and everybody get so focused on the guys in the middle of the the this slot there few of our guys go to one of their. -- dogs in the that's very -- for interference. But it sticks another power play and we saw -- with the nice about my. Why doesn't everybody play right here but it catches it it is -- right here kicks into his stick it. Beautiful ball why are not used in this lineup where his ops is veteran leadership and there's the play right there 200 feet from your own net. Yeah -- you know right. And there will. In the bunker out there get in positions where they get those shots through here's a guy right. Playoff power play goal with the Sharks come back late -- three -- Colin White its support to. Little light for the I have that in order but -- -- its fourth Green jacket Jordan Hill Joseph Thornton a nice -- -- gets it works go right back up to the front while. One step -- this thing goes out to a -- but just not enough. I thought over the Sharks did get one. To go triple zeroes. And it's 43 Saint Louis victorious -- solely on them at three assists for the blues the last Saint Louis defenseman to do that a playoff game. Sharks fan favorite Chris Pronger back in 2003.

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