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2.8: Highlights - Dallas vs. Warriors



  1. Al Jefferson4:33, 4:52
  2. Josh Howard4:28
  3. Monta Ellis6:01
  4. San Antonio6:31
  5. Warriors2:59
  6. shot clock4:37
  7. offensive rebounds4:46
Sun, 8 Jan 2012|

Jackson talks about Monta Ellis' performance in a loss to the Jazz.


Machine Generated Transcript

Absolutely. Told the guys you know. Do you think that the game was 10 loss. Oh -- losses run up. But that's not real basketball. You know we the next Q2. 20 on fast breaks. We didn't close out possessions defense really. I gang rebounding. We allowed them second shot opportunities. We made mistakes return to basketball over. Give us one totals plays back. And we win the ballgame. Those winning plays and so many players seemed to ignore. Those plays. Because the one that is shown Tuesday. You know. The runner in the lane. We lost a game before that. Because process. There's a process. There's a process. Gotta keep all work and keep all preaching it. And you gotta find guys that believe in the message. And is willing to do whatever. No need to hold our heads down we're going to be fun. Oh we got that we've got to make it happen nobody is going home. Hand deliver us -- -- we got to go get it. On on. You can believe. Until it gets hot. So when guys to believe not on -- the conditions are the terms of what you believe in spite of can find a way to make it happen. As well. Winning teams do. And I mean across the ball. They're great teams think what's gonna happen now to win this game. The teams that have a history of losing. Think. What's gonna happen that's been happening that's gonna cause -- salutes. We've got to turn. And make things happen. I feel like. You know that's that's his read. The only concern that situation was they had a foul to give. Once he realized that day they were playing you know straight. I can't be -- so that it got a great look guidance. Doing everything I asked them to do on both sides of basketball. The ball in his hands gets equality look. Is it just -- tough balance. My guys are battling. Tell you what I've seen coaches and teams in this league as a player. And as a broadcaster. That's laid down. That's not my concern I got a bunch a bunch of no pun intend to Warriors in the locker room we just got to turnaround to some victories. Getting shooting on the floor. He battles on -- defense event. -- -- And I thought in spite of the numbers I thought it played well I thought the bottom line is he made it you know mistaken transition. And two -- one or -- other than that I thought he played very well. -- -- -- -- -- You -- all I mean that's important when you get results. But at the same time. Guys know what it takes to win so they understand. When somebody's just selling them dreams -- when somebody's -- true. Tremendously long enough to understand that you went on the defense event. You must compete that you must gang rebound some I'm not speaking a foreign language. We just gotta love doing. Today. Is there. Not open I don't think had success against that at all. Josh Howard hits it three in transition. Clock -- down and Al Jefferson sneaks into the paint. On the five seconds on the shot clock it's a little run there. We didn't seal -- -- -- rebound and got second's second opportunities. Awful offensive rebounds but. I think we really hurt them. I don't know what -- all day long and what it did it took Al Jefferson out of again. Those same same. Well we didn't find it you know. He is exactly who we thought it was high energy. Explosive offensive guy very passionate. All great competitive. We had no concerns we did our homework I did my homework. Everybody I talked to read about his love of the game of basketball. And even in talking to him. He convinced me that he was ready to buy in and do it last -- and he certainly has done. Okay. -- -- go look at it yeah. We're looking at the office. But we have put in incredible offensive weapon and Monta Ellis. We're looking at the office. Home. It is what it is. Bottom line is we got to go on find ways to score. Trust the offense guys knock down shots. Home. You look at our -- losses. I'm fine -- offensive output. You know shooting 50% on the road and and and and and fast break points and things went well -- San Antonio things went quite well and LA. We've got to seal the deal by closing out games. And and that's what's what's hurting us at times. It. Your concerns offensively. -- and a -- that I had any concerns offensively. We got to take care of the basketball which has nothing to score. If you turn the basketball over seventeen times. To me that's. At least two points per possession. And then on 87 and I think that's a heck of that's about what we gotta take had a basketball. And then. If you wanna push the basketball which we preach to -- guy.

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