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Jim Kozimor and Melanie Collins: 'What's Trending?'



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  2. Larry Bird1:07, 1:09, 1:35
  3. Karl Malone0:29, 1:11
  4. Scottie Pippen0:36
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  7. 76ers1:41
  8. Lindsey Vonn1:59
Wed, 5 Jun 2013|

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-- find out what's -- Yahoo! Sports welcomed me and I am gym clothes -- more. We've got to go to the beaches of Los Angeles because Melanie Collins is here each and every day to find out. What's trending in the world of sports and more. Are you on the beaches are you at the ice rinks what are you doing knowing Collins -- you've been what. Of the both Tim is the sponsor is behind me I'm clearly on the B it's I know exactly and that's what you are all right let's start with what's trending I know there's an NBA stuff in the mailman or Karl -- to make a news yes so Karl Malone -- on The Dan Patrick Show and said that he. Basically he gave his all time NBA starting five. And he put Scottie Pippen on merit instead of Michael Jordan now defense afterwards he's you know Dan Patrick the man crush on Jordan and he was kind of doing it at that joke. But if you ask me I think he's salty. Because and baseball beat the jab back to back championships and I think that's an idea I think you Venator. All right since he's got his starting five -- -- when I come up with starting fives Melanie you begin who's your all time NBA starting five are right I'm going with Magic Johnson at point guard. Obviously I'm gonna get Michael Jordan out immediately and off the greatest of all time I'm night. Larry Bird you write him off by about yeah Larry Bird of snacks and and it got Karl Malone and lastly cream Abdul Jabbar. All right that's pretty darn good team there's no question you gotta put cream on there it's pretty good right I think we'll match your starting five with my starting five. And I will take you to the hardwood or to the street to the playground with John Stockton like that yeah. All time assist and steals leader Pete Maravich one of the greats of all time I'll throw like a Jordan on -- just to make people happy that I got Larry Bird. And at center because he was a center. His rookie year in game six against the 76ers. I go Magic Johnson it's center hubbub that we're thrown a curve -- yeah. I kid I actually like it I cart a lot of pilot by the way to spend a lot because obviously he's feeling a little bit. I neglected lately I know I took them off my list can you put him on your list there is more trending news. Yahoo! Sports I know Lindsey Vonn who was upset people are talking daughter and tiger Jim do something quite unusual fashion -- did. -- think -- -- to see FDA -- with Cynthia rally and she was wearing this beautiful white who cheered dressed. And all -- did you get the call but you have to take a drug test now Olympic athletes. Are -- have to be available 24/7 365 take drug -- it just happened that they called during this event and she had to excuse himself and go take this drug. At this -- fast which she passed with flying colors. There's no way that that had to be set up right. Head and OJ is there -- totally wanted to get her they had that was like a prank I know. As the most bizarre -- anyone has ever had to undergo drug test are we -- money and that you enjoy the sunshine and beaches as Southern California as you report on the NHL Yahoo! Sports dot com. I'll be watching -- and then we'll have you back tomorrow does that sound sounds great that ability Collins each and every day you see her right here Yahoo! Sports talk live.

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