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Kendrick Perkins

Westbrook, Durant too much for Warriors in OKC

Fri, 11 Oct 2013|

Former Celtics center Kendrick Perkins is arrested and charged with assault stemming from a July incident in Houston.

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  1. 1.28: Warriors practice -- Mark Jackson

    we're not playing against a team that has a hole score. So there's no need in having him on the floor against Kendrick Perkins . So you look at matchups and you make the right call. Certainly we wanted to give us more offense and Floyd. And

  2. 3.2: High School Hype -- AAU Oakland Soldiers

    LeBron James Drew Gooden Chauncey Billups Kendrick Perkins Leon Powe just a few of the big names to play for the Oakland soldiers. During their high school years have to some talented teenagers

  3. 4.25: Warriors play-by-play man Tim Roye

    right now. You know what it Oklahoma City do they traded talented Ford and Jeff Green. And brought a big guy and Kendrick Perkins guy brings you some some toughness and and and some presence in the middle. And I think that's the way you know

  4. 6.3: Marc Spears on Kobe Bryant and the NBA Finals

    Michael is better but. Just shot making he is Michael Jordan's equal right now that shot he made last night over Kendrick Perkins with a broken finger. Was absolutely genius. Boy you know it was a just and they had a half time thing. Where

  1. Ex-Celtic Perkins charged with assault


    Fri, 11 Oct 2013

    Former Celtics center Kendrick Perkins is arrested and charged with assault stemming from a July incident in Houston.

  2. Kendrick Perkins reacts to Celtics offseason


    Sat, 6 Jul 2013

    Former Celtic Kendrick Perkins said "It's going to be weird" to see the Celtics without Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett next season.

  3. Thunder GM: We won't amnesty Perkins


    Mon, 20 May 2013

    There was a rising sentiment in Oklahoma City to use the amnesty clause on Kendrick Perkins after his dismal postseason performance, but the Thunder say that's not happening.

  4. then I'll tell on. Scored fifteen or more action in that cleared out lap went in it and am adding that neither. Heatley Perkins profit on it now in an inning to support an Schilling my injury Gomez with that soccer and into June we'll work. With that

  5. Perkins helps lock down old friends on Celtics


    Mon, 11 Mar 2013

    Kendrick Perkins ' six-point, five-rebound, five-assist night doesn't jump off the stat sheet. But his former team knows home important he is.

  6. Perkins helps lock down old friends on Celtics


    Sun, 10 Mar 2013

    Kendrick Perkins didn't have huge numbers, but he helped lock down his old pals on the Celtics in the Thunder's win.

  7. Perkins plans on being there for Rondo during rehab


    Sun, 10 Mar 2013

    Kendrick Perkins says he plans on helping Rajon Rondo get through his rehabilitation after the season.

  8. Green looks ahead to return to Oklahoma City


    Sat, 9 Mar 2013

    The trade happened more than two years ago. Since then Perkins has already returned to the TD Garden twice, but now Jeff Green looks forward to his return to OKC.

  9. look forward to nights like these but he's been consistent no matter who's on the other side. you think of positions when Perkins whose tolerance. They've done that when it was much and I don't know they've done it. But another steady diet of it

  10. large as long you remember who made I'll. I'll out of your apologies. I got to sort of avoid a clear so picky at Steffi Perkins can't patent life. Are there are no ma'am it is I mean plugged right in the right now I'm right now. AJ let me everybody

  11. Is memory. To know us. You know we wanted to travel art centers for Perkins . You know this what What in the last. 48 hours a QB come to terms like in terms of them realize and it helped him figure anything

  12. them protect the paint. I think he's Perkins and I don't know what to set the tone ..... score beat three guys and these guys. Perkins of the veteran he studies game film he ..... already there's a battle tested. And Perkins was gonna come in on that. We got the

  13. Go a long road courses are a little nor do they have. They're open covered. Old bill would probably not have a record of Perkins and a lot of young players in the global missile boat Everyone art and you know award under wanna go play somewhere and Clark

  14. mean I was that was a really good team. Michael Jordan Patrick Ewing Wayman Tisdale. I some really really isn't sure Sam Perkins Robertson. Vern Fleming we it was a really good team. Bobby Knight was the coach. And we the process. We started tryouts

  15. almost a year now and he's a great addition new addition to. You know to our team and you know thank god for crazy about Perkins entertainment for bringing an end and I I think that you know what most caliber of of athletic ability and his wrestling skill

  16. 11.1: Stanford Central -- Trap game?


    Tue, 1 Nov 2011

    refers times. This week so you know if you want cause trap him that's fine it's not trust to decide you know we're the Perkins have ever again. Point taken nobody is overlooking the beavers regardless it's good to know that should the need the cardinal

  17. 6.23: MIN/SFG postgame -- Cody Ross


    Thu, 23 Jun 2011

    are with Cody Rouse is almost another one run victory that He needs for the that it take to your eight inning at bat against Perkins . You know I was just up there looking for some time out over the plate and it drives you know it's a situation where. He

  18. 2.22: BOS/GSW -- game highlights


    Wed, 23 Feb 2011

    Do you mind you know won't thing that helps the league by. It's. Tempers flaring. David Lee fouled hard by Kendrick Perkins and after the play. Shallow pools and received technicals they get shipped. America we'll get a look forward

  19. of the Celtics right right now. Is very very wealthy and successful the area. Running a big company as a partner Kleiner Perkins likely that we have some. Tools to do it to work on what we think emissions. How would you how would you describe. Basically

  20. 7.22 SportsFlash- Rentaria out


    Wed, 22 Jul 2009

    seven strong innings. We're working Trevor Cahill both Scott Hairston and Matt Holliday each three hits. Hairston had 83 run homer leave town Glen Perkins was roughed up more on this story tonight at 1030 and again tonight I. sports net