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1.5: Highlights- Warriors vs Nuggets



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Mon, 20 May 2013|

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The entire season comes down to this game no -- in Saint Mary's at the last two teams standing in the tri county stung me in today's when he goes home the hardware. Know how he went to an -- against Saint Mary's during the regular season what they get win number three here today or Saint Mary's come out on top at the tri county stunning championship. In this week and yeah monster game. Art. Form and carry on that first inning eight and it. And act and act old war now. -- -- make great contact check out the double play action while at the top to air it out at that aren't. You rant there it's cold and Freddie couples to happen double play and act out or and it. One heard and it -- All its not. Right it would happen but -- About the fact that they're out. For both seen -- or not think Mary. It after the Panthers down -- their last out on channel -- -- at the ball up court -- allowing Ryan or. I -- eligible to earth and coaches their. The game and now I. Know. I. It's aren't that I -- act uncle at the plate on there on the pound Potts is how. I was really excited to pitch and I mean they hit the ball in all my teammates made plays it was a great victory. It's practiced hard we worked on things that we need messed up war and we executed today. In no value with EM CS monster game. And Kenyon Martin cal -- sports Bay Area.

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  1. Highlight: Pinole Valley vs. St. Mary's baseball

    hit the ball in all my teammates made plays it was a great victory. It's practiced hard we worked on things that we need messed up war and we executed today. In no value with EM CS monster game. And Kenyon Martin cal sports Bay Area.

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  13. And because and he wore actually a lot and it won't horror as this one of the reasons that feel strong right now strong Martin . I told what stands out to you when you look at teach right line. You know all of us as a team kind of I know that we have

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  18. teammates know wouldn't it I would've been with the situation tonight. You know you put this situation but you watch Derrick Martin in the final minute fielders I've always something you guys don't see a lot of how much were you thinking in the on deck

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