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Kevin Love on Klay Thompson: 'He's a guy that's going to continue to have success'

Thu, 14 Mar 2013|

We look at some news and notes from around the NBA, including Kevin Love still being 2-3 weeks away from a return to the Timberwolves' lineup.

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  1. Highlights -- Warriors 97, Timberwolves 94

    Golden State Colin to where we move to the for the walks Kevin Love . He gets drawn in by David they have that Richard Jefferson ..... line so they three point deficit Minnesota last chance Kevin Love . Warriors this night he sent me. For the come back

  2. Lee explains his battle vs. Love in Warriors' win

    shot blocker and insides took advantage of that was able to finish including the last twenty did a great job. I don't Kevin Love is a handle. you do so well on him in the fourth quarter because he didn't dominate like he had right I mean I just

  3. 1.17: Morning Minute -- Tall task awaits 49ers; Love lifts Wolves over Kings; W's Curry set to return

    Timberwolves by and I 86 final Tyreke Evans. Was held to just nine points shooting three for eleven from the field to a big Kevin Love not his thirteenth straight double double finishing with 33 points. And eleven goals. Meanwhile wars star stepping

  4. Love , Timberwolves handle Warriors at Oracle Arena

    first quarter Warriors down eight Kevin Love . It's a three twelve in the first ..... fort that. I'm winding down our love and banked the three and T wolves ..... Tolliver. If it's created and then love with it and he had thirty feet and

  1. China and we're sitting a bus together I love what I mean he even really quiet guy he ..... player is a really good young player I love your mother doesn't. As does a move ..... gets it back to get on the floor but I love his his defense of presidents' presence

  2. good threes in terms of Barnes. And and Dudley and I really love Redick and Crawford in the back court there. This team is big ..... really you're going on the road goal with confidence and I just love the team defense shot contest meant rebounding getting in the

  3. terrier my job well done. It's. You've driven the pace car. They're Indy you've got to play golf James Garner you love the Rockford Files grown up. You met Willie Mays where it is sitting in Winston Churchill's chair in the war room ranked

  4. wars insider Monte joins us from oracle. You know there was some talk before the season about bringing clay off the bench I'd love for him to start that you're working out well. Yeah that. Well you know right now there's really not much of an option

  5. s making it doesn't Andy Andy just as to look at him that way he impacts a game we're happy that. Beat yes. I know you love them that it would you that the book is it is leaguers need to get the blood to look at bogus game the same way. You know I

  6. think playing learn some new. I had my analogy when I airplane to leave some He knows it. It's no so I'll what in the I'd love slam with the guys every play. Every last if it was speaking of your number seven points four rebounds four assists two steals

  7. so yeah. Did you hear about if I was Garcia you know you just love outside of greater this is another especially when team. You ..... team that. You know and they're very competitive and they love to play again before also liked to have DelHomme anytime you

  8. there's plays called for me. I truly believe in and bought into the play calling Greg I'm still excited about the offense I love what it's mostly things that he hasn't been. You know sometimes just doesn't just doesn't get to know and not a playmaker

  9. on the got flies so they got shooters so we do that. We we got some great potential the transition that good right oh yeah I love this we'll basketball's most fun. You can. So athletic guys. Is it hard to. Spreading yourself and say look let's not

  10. Despite rough preseason, Noah ready for Bulls' opener


    Tue, 29 Oct 2013

    Although Bulls center Joakim Noah has a charismatic persona off the court, his fierce, competitive nature on the court is what fans have grown to love and the All-Star is more than ready for Tuesday's opener.

  11. White Sox near bottom in organizational rankings


    Tue, 29 Oct 2013

    While the North Siders get plenty of love for their stocked farm system, the White Sox recently ranked near the bottom when Baseball America calculated some organizational rankings.

  12. Time. It's. Been okay. Yeah amended it credible sport and surrendered that lead and we had really perfect distance would love to come down play it aggressively and but you like them so it's better for sure it was. Perfect system. And obviously Justin

  13. insulin sliced into the you know is that goes along with the union and you know some points on the board. Yeah. you know. I love you record put a great job for Latin American coming into the codes L and out of a community. Which isn't you comfortable

  14. The all American Eagle wing angles we'll bounce the wrong. Active but just the beauty rod gets himself off the play I'd love it. Beautiful play right there but without using shielding his body with the hockey Firefox with a body that just goes in the

  15. and those guys and really enjoy playing together so. When you've got to have fun to be out there and you love playing with the guys love playing different things the way that we do is only game You do this is the turning point for the football

  16. m not certain personal uncle to believe in us. Yeah I'm always does say something if I feel like. not being called. I love that Means that offensive line's been playing great. Frank's been around the ball has been making plays and quads and making

  17. like him and I just happened me in the right place and everybody call ahead and it was going to be me. I'm just I don't love . Those good my brother McGrath who were. Really. Really that's a part of this team against the Jaguars what stands out most

  18. together all season long but. It doesn't end here. Still more to I'm streaky. Yeah more than thirty points what them. Well I love the things happen about a week and come back. Practice that's where I it doesn't practice. But got out there and they read

  19. hot seat to see the Warriors comedic side initiating newcomers and the money that it's telling him he needs to shared their love of the winging it. And back back. Di Natale. If you this through us like two weeks before this. So I had time to prepare

  20. played three like out already on the road where it's been tight checking. We stumble over it Boston lost a few seconds would love to cover up doctor we can't. But tonight we knew we have a speedy team team that can really punching and attack you if you