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1.12: Kevin Martin cleared to play

Wed, 3 Jul 2013|

Manu Ginobili and David West re-signed with the Spurs and Pacers, respectively, while Kevin Martin and J.J. Redick found new teams.

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  1. 11.2: MEM/SAC Postgame- Kevin Martin

    Kevin Martin led the Kings with 48 points on Monday night and he visited with Grant Napear and Jerry Reynolds after Sacramento's 127-116 win.

  2. 2.10: SAC/DET Postgame- Kevin Martin

    Kevin Martin had a nice ballgame tonight he's gonna come over and talk to us. But the headset on where again tonight he he led this team

  3. 11.5: Sam Amick on Kevin Martin

    Kings Beat Writer Sam Amick on losing Kevin Martin .

  4. Cal Hi Sports Awards Banquet Players

    honored and 31500. Dollars in scholarships and did their aptly. I was an amazing night for all of the athletes are Kevin Martin talked with some of them. Got their reaction. It's hard to believe that another outstanding evening how sports Bay

  1. NBA Free Agency: Ginobili re-signs with Spurs


    Wed, 3 Jul 2013

    Manu Ginobili and David West re-signed with the Spurs and Pacers, respectively, while Kevin Martin and J.J. Redick found new teams.

  2. up the only score of the game toward north gate dale Clayton goes on what is well. Won the final after the game Marc Kevin Martin caught up with the Eagles that hinders him moment. Can the moment creek on each of are your taste of looking for it

  3. battling injuries all season long desperately want to be out there help us. And and he could become on about a topples. Kevin Martin 's Francisco examiner you've stepped into the starting lineup since Lee went out and kind of if you don't notice

  4. would defense Dominique that sent him to rep adds a double play Israel cruises is thirteen to five went. After the Marc Kevin Martin how to for the victors it hinders your breath. Anderson Bruntlett a great place to enjoy tasty meal with friends and

  5. gets it kind of swung down off the half court thought that would seal that feels a lot. 91 sentence I did talk about getting ready for the. It's always very. In Morocco and yes monster game I'm Kevin Martin how high sports Bay Area.

  6. back to do for the dunk lawyers. Down by twenty at that point in the fourth quarter off of the turnovers Serge Ibaka Kevin Martin 's. On the other and for the slam and under win this one big 119. In 98. We were not. Shop defensively it has always

  7. quarter it seemed like you on the first six minutes you weren't you guys were up eighteen to seven and then. I think Kevin Martin Jamie gaming kind of change things up a little bit. Gonna screw us tomorrow and can mimic what he's Kim yet and those

  8. general that would move the basketball Russell and and and direct. And so you got guys who only snapshots you know Kevin Martin has been proven coach in the league and now consists of Los and a great job with his Especially frustrating there yet

  9. OKC on top then got the ball movement by the we ran. Kevin Martin Sargent Bob got. High percentage shots not winding ..... would get five minister played It gets ten assists by Kevin Martin for the three lead and not first career triple double

  10. We had out to dinners selling Hercules where Kevin Martin met up with the undefeated also real doubt football team to talk about their season. Hitters and Hercules on poplar avenue. You

  11. block on the right side last month survived a late rally that they can't let me 543. And win that important that Kevin Martin after the match. Let's meet the not Warriors. personally have babies Stoddard god you bought the curse that mean

  12. she is fired up and the Albany Cougars doing. Nobody goes on wouldn't mind nice sweeping the match in three sort Kevin Martin . Over the years it became a restaurant in her in Hitters in Hercules on his problem avenue. They have the best barbecue

  13. 2.12: HOU/GSW -- game highlights


    Mon, 13 Feb 2012

    in the four point lead of the second and third reluctance. Go accordingly that's inside 65 do you. To them five Kevin Martin he can score Rockets down 767 or Martin had 22 games worth of seventh about that man clay. First name tops in the last

  14. 1.13: SAC/HOU -- game highlights


    Sat, 14 Jan 2012

    re hot right there Lowrie. What is it about the had 25 points nine assists later in the fourth another former king Kevin Martin . When you're hot you're hot this team did not it's slowed down Sacramento Kings get final of 103. To 89.

  15. this trade. You could make a case that the Hornets didn't do badly. Getting Luis Scola getting Lamar Odom getting Kevin Martin and those are not bad names would you trade a superstar you're not gonna get a superstar back so. I don't understand

  16. 3.23: GSW/HOU -- game highlights


    Thu, 24 Mar 2011

    34% from the games combined for just 31 point that Kevin Martin . Finishing the half strong person in reinvesting it ..... taken over the third quarter and it With the heels ahead Kevin Martin jam. And then later in the third and eighth. With

  17. 3.7: HOU/SAC -- game highlights


    Tue, 8 Mar 2011

    passes to DeMarcus Cousins the damn game tied at 27 cousins had twenty points eleven boards third quarter. Former king Kevin Martin DeVon got as to what the layup 8068. Houston later in the third Rockets up and Kyle Lowry against the Rocket's market

  18. 12.19: Warriors practice -- David Lee


    Mon, 20 Dec 2010

    he steps on the floor and he's very talented they're tremendous here so. He's got a rafter who went on him and Kevin Martin two big stops for that we'll have to do their jobs stop in the men's team.

  19. 7.16: Shane Battier on Chronicle Live


    Sat, 17 Jul 2010

    produced that make the playoffs and what we've coming back. You keep coming back to our record Mata got Aaron Brooks Kevin Martin . Can really score the basketball reason it is improving I don't know if they're in about drafted Patrick Patterson

  20. 4.12: HOU/SAC Postgame- Paul Westphal


    Tue, 13 Apr 2010

    doubt if you would ever admit it. But the reception of the fans was great. I thought it was is pretty special for Kevin Martin two to come back you know in. In probably a non characteristic NBA coaches way I was actually happy for Kevin even