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Warriors embarrass Lakers behind Thompson's career night



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Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Time now who who Wednesday's morning minute on CSN Bay Area dot com. You wanna have this problem with your morning minute from the Comcast sports net studios Warriors season opener verses the Lakers Kobe Bryant having to sit out with -- Achilles injury. Second quarter Klay Thompson not sitting but it giving up three Thompson had 27 in the first half. In the third quarter skins already blocked Andre Iguodala behind the back -- game badly bruised up 27. Wow. Later in the third. Klay Thompson's -- had a tough jump shot in transition. What really transition but it is still tough. You had a career high 38 Warriors when one point 59 before the largest opening night win in franchise history. Not -- play the lead. -- -- Thank you know it. It's a whole lot about myself I'm -- right now. Play as best Jim Louis freshman women. Another crowd's into it. Every other business in the game so he's going like that team is -- is nothing better and choose. Charge visiting McCain's revenge game second period attitude Sharks on the power play Patrick Marleau -- we'll be sure seventh of the season. The kings tied up three -- -- in overtime. And I'm tickled Qatar with the one timer. It's a power play goal from the Sharks public Schwartz. -- victory. Tune in Saturday as the Sharks in the -- taking on the Coyotes pregame at seven. Post game to follow only on Comcast sports net California I'm Dave Feldman. Enjoy your -- That was the -- more than -- minute I CSN Bay Area dot com.

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