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Kris Humphries

Wed, 16 Oct 2013|

After spending most of his time in preseason at center, new Celtic Kris Humphries has a solid 12-point, eight-rebound night against the Nets on Tuesday from the power forward spot.

  1. Humphries fighting for time in C's frontcourt


    Sun, 27 Oct 2013

    The only thing worst than being an NBA veteran on a bad team, is being an NBA veteran on a bad team who doesn't play.

  2. Power forward spot agrees with C's Humphries


    Wed, 16 Oct 2013

    After spending most of his time in preseason at center, new Celtic Kris Humphries has a solid 12-point, eight-rebound night against the Nets on Tuesday from the power forward spot.

  3. Blakely: Humphries warming up to joining Celtics


    Thu, 26 Sep 2013

    CSNNE.com Celtics insider A. Sherrod Blakely joins "SportsNet Central" to discuss Kris Humphries adjusting and getting excited about being a Celtic.

  4. Humphries doesn't want 'tanking situation'


    Sat, 14 Sep 2013

    New Celtic Kris Humphries made it clear that he has no interest being part of a "tanking situation."

  5. Humphries thinks he'll get along fine with Rondo


    Tue, 16 Jul 2013

    You remember Kris Humphries and Rajon Rondo going at it in the stands last season, but Humphries is hoping that the two can get along now that they're on the same team.

  6. Blakely: C's look to deal Wallace & Humphries


    Fri, 12 Jul 2013

    The Celtics acquired a long list of players from the Nets, but they may not be keeping all of them.

  7. Jackson: 'This was a huge, huge win'


    Fri, 7 Dec 2012

    showing. The world just how good years and really was spectacular again. No I mean here we have very good power forward Chris Humphries . And they have great depth than. And the bad thing you know a guy like Heats up and makes it tough to stop. You know screen

  8. 1.18: GSW/NJN -- game highlights


    Wed, 18 Jan 2012

    Dubbed by two after being driven back to the power forwards in this game we got Lee and Chris Humphreys and this time. Humphries wins the battle and won the third personal on and we still Golden State about one of the sport to take it over. The one time

  9. 11.1: The Lunch Box Episode 13


    Tue, 1 Nov 2011

    be an alien or maybe they might be kind Maybe maybe but it Republican of that for them right now he's hard as and Chris Humphries . That getting a divorce if you haven't heard about it I don't know where you've been guarding him with them shocker

  10. The Lunch Box: Episode 3


    Tue, 23 Aug 2011

    modern design duck. What this past weekend part gash and finally it finally jumped the route and got married Player Chris Humphries they got married at their 29 million dollar estate in Encino California. A lot of money. Hot in my. A lot of money. To

  11. 1.17: NJN/GSW game highlights


    Mon, 17 Jan 2011

    terrific when you play like that nets do responds Stanford did Brook Lopez put him down easy Next possession Alley To Chris Humphries and but the nets back in this thing been up for lost knocking the ball loose he runs the floor. Tennis is all the way on

  12. 12.14: 49ers Practice -- Alex Smith


    Tue, 14 Dec 2010

    he had definitely say definitely some times got all the older. And occasionally get a good seat and don't know what Stan Humphries played. In does. They're similar. On paper you know I can watch film and probably Colorado. Majority of plays. In the

  13. 11.19: NJN/SAC Game Highlights


    Sat, 20 Nov 2010

    They have lost six straight suite ticket to the world famous ARCO Arena in the second quarter in this one down three Chris Humphries to. Guess so Lopez and I stuff that's up fourteen at the half. Third quarter now comes back the game tied at 59 Jason

  14. 10.6: Alex Smith Pres Conference


    Wed, 6 Oct 2010

    positive things do we. Practice. There's some things together and in the matters excuse on the on the nine. I do out. Stan Humphries . It means that. That was different kind of that started and a question and then later that swimming in the run into the