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8.10: SportsFlash- Rambis the new Head Wolf



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Mon, 10 Aug 2009|

In this SportsFlash from Monday August 10th, SportsNet Central's Damon Andrews details the specifics after former Lakers coach and Santa Clara Alum Kurt Rambis agreed to be the new had coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves.


Machine Generated Transcript

-- David answers with a in the count -- sports -- studios with this boards glass. He didn't wanna be king of the Sacramento Kings the former Cupertino high Santa Clara Bronco Kurt Rambus. Has no problem become -- had wolf in Minnesota. Rambus was hired away from the Lakers with a four year deal worth more than eight million. The 51 year old has been an assistant with the Lakers of the most of these past seven seasons and has won four titles as a player it's showtime Lakers of the eighties and two more as an assistant under coach Phil Jackson. Be sure to join us every -- at 61030 admit that we're sports -- -- so this says Mahan. It's what's left.