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Evaluating the Warriors' draft priorities



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Tue, 19 Jun 2012|

NBA insider Matt Steinmetz provides the numerous options the Warriors' have for the upcoming draft.


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The Warriors had seven players in for pre draft workout on Sunday including the Weaver state star had an Oakland native. Damian Miller so does that mean the Warriors are searching for a point guard. We've been matched by Mets back once more and that they do those guys could skate boarder into their training facility I think good player we know that but. Will they go from point guard. Well I mean if my initial response to be -- but. If you look a little deeper than that it wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility I think the Warriors have. You know three basic areas of need they got to get help in the back court a guard they need help in the front court. To back up Bogut and David Lee and then to be their third priority is a small forward but at the small forward. Is the third part because right now I've got two guys under contract there were competent professionals. Dave Miller is an interesting player because he's a true point guard and we although the Warriors have Stephan curry. But they beat the Warriors have to bring in a no other cars whether it's through the draft or through free agency or through trade. They should they cannot go into the season with Stephan curry who's been injury prone. And Klay Thompson who's only played 66 games and expected both those guys are gonna play 36 minutes a night. That's why at some point they're gonna have to get a backcourt player before the season. Starts next season. And the best point guard out there is -- Willard and he very well will be there at number seven it it may be a little high for him. But I think it's something that the Warriors are considering. That's one projection and had a -- number seven -- just this very day that. I do it talked about too just in general we know the Warriors their their most crying need for obvious at small forward but. -- believes that -- in your opinion is only one real sure thing in this NBA draft that's the very first I think -- going to be pretty good player beyond that. I think it's kind of a crapshoot so do you really exist. Take the best person out there would put it comes time to draft I mean I really think to do. You know it. Again getting back to that small forward that they didn't that they need your ostensibly need. They still have an issue because -- right and Richard Jefferson are both under contract so. To -- before they bring a small forward in they have to have a plan for what they're gonna do with the water both of those guys -- I think what they're certainly. Thinking about right now that number seven pick because. You know you you might be able to get. The same player you like at twelve that you light at seven. So I think the Warriors are considering possibly moving back into the you know the mid teen type arranged. And seen if they can get up play here you know then the thing I've thrown out there and it's just thrown it out there but it's something that. You know. May have some legs is -- talk to Houston they they've got a point guard Kyle Lowry who wants out of there they got the fourteenth and sixteenth pick. You know maybe you make a move where you give them the seventh pick you take Kyle Lowry and move back to fourteen. It probably you know probably caution -- right. But then you possibly can come out of the draft getting two players a Kyle Lowry who's whose. Legitimate veteran player who can contribute. And then you -- that the player fourteen who maybe you could have even -- -- seven so that's how you -- a good number into two players whether they do that. You know remains to be -- I -- -- do the batter that you should suggest that to them and he's very -- don't listen I like it I like at first I do what I ask you about a guy who was out in -- tried a little bit earlier. -- sellinger Ohio State there was some talk about what he fit in this office would it not been in this offense. But now there's more of an issue with the -- like him and I think he's probably more pro ready that a lot of guys. But now is an issue. Yeah you know there's a report out there that he's got a back issue but it's already been tamp down by his agent his dad. Say the back issue was actually born out of earlier hamstring issue.

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