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1.26: Warriors practice -- Ekpe Udoh

Thu, 27 Jun 2013|

Like they do every year close to the NBA Draft, rumors have surfaced about LaMarcus Aldridge to the Bulls. But as a source told Aggrey Sam, the Blazers' asking price is likely too steep.

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  1. 2.15: Warriors shootaround -- Mark Jackson

    Jackson talks about Portland without LaMarcus Aldridge , and comments on Klay Thompson's improvements.

  2. 1.24: SAC/POR postgame -- Samuel Dalembert

    Dalembert on his defensive effort on LaMarcus Aldridge in the Kings' road win over the Trail Blazers.

  3. 2.15: Morning Minute - Lin does it again; Kings fall in Chicago; Aldridge out for Blazers vs. W's tonight

    Warriors the court again Wednesday to do battle with the Portland trailblazers and they catch a break the all star LaMarcus Aldridge . Sprained his ankle in a once put it for what I'm at a loss to the Washington Wizards of the ducks. Try to keep

  4. Smart: 'Demarcus Cousins is the guy that makes it all work'

    video and everyone else would this is where you're just gonna come from. Don't rush this is what they did to LaMarcus Aldridge not a trap him don't be in a hurry. I thought his mentally get a lot of these guys' minds ready to play the game

  1. practice on Wednesday but on Thursday there were no additional healthy bodies along an ailing offensive line. Tony Pashos and Aldridge remained out and head coach Dennis Allen said on Thursday that. If they're out Thursday the odds are getting greater and

  2. I guess update on the injuries. David Aldridge didn't didn't practice today he's out for the game. Matt Flynn was full and practice he's probable for the game Seacrest

  3. gonna say they're good again as good as again I think that's the idea I know there was some conversation at Portland about Aldridge I. That via trade that I would think of the words could make you got to make that make that trade but. Others that I just

  4. Aldridge -to-Bulls rumors unlikely


    Thu, 27 Jun 2013

    Like they do every year close to the NBA Draft, rumors have surfaced about LaMarcus Aldridge to the Bulls. But as a source told Aggrey Sam, the Blazers' asking price is likely too steep.

  5. NBA Wrap: Blazers take down Bulls


    Fri, 22 Mar 2013

    We recap Thursday's top NBA action, including LaMarcus Aldridge helping lift the Blazers over the Bulls.

  6. Smart: 'Our guys did a great job'


    Thu, 14 Mar 2013

    Chicago bodies of those teams. You have to have the right space. At all times and starting him over tribal with a bigger Cole Aldridge give us just what we right spacing for sarcoma don't allow day in Tyreke to get into the light. And wants to gut feeling

  7. star right. I said you know numbers wise I guess I don't think I deserve because our team team needs to be. Yeah LaMarcus Aldridge last year led his team much better than I did it at. And their team had a really good record or an all star break

  8. war is up five later in the fourth Raymond Felton knocked down three on the game was tied at 85 under a minute ago LaMarcus Aldridge . The a tough Blazers up one last that's the down very tickets as nowhere to go status no good. Blazers limit

  9. 202-Rich


    Thu, 23 Feb 2012

    season in 1972. home. We go to an a's fan fest at ORACLE Arena where sportscasters. Are standing back there. Thanks David Aldridge moment. And I think their attitude and never allowed the young blood just playing Little League Baseball the 32 aides were

  10. that you know since. As you know that's a situation you know hopefully the course. Disappointing is this game on LaMarcus Aldridge sound that team was coming off a bad loss to Washington and probably tired. Is disappointing exit here which is

  11. 2.15: POR/GSW -- game highlights


    Thu, 16 Feb 2012

    Warriors fall 9391. Your final loss does and the modest three game win streak and is a bit surprising. Considering hey LaMarcus Aldridge who missed the game for Portland with a sprained ankle and see the war Warriors have lost eleven of their last twelve

  12. it. And then a video guys. Said that they wouldn't account so. Coach when you need just gonna look back golf LaMarcus Aldridge out the team on that team coming off a bad loss you look back and say bless what we have wish we had back. No we

  13. 2.2: POR/SAC postgame -- Keith Smart


    Fri, 3 Feb 2012

    and do it and I thought our guys did an excellent job with that came out second half. With a game plan that change. Would Aldridge . And now because we had a chance to work on it we knew how to get right into it in the a basketball game and I thought it

  14. got lost in the Warriors win over Portland on Wednesday. Was the defensive job that they you know did against LaMarcus Aldridge Aldridge only had two points in the fourth quarter. You goes ability to cover him man to man allowed the Warriors to

  15. 1.25: POR/GSW -- game highlights


    Thu, 26 Jan 2012

    scoring. Two point six points in the first half but LaMarcus Aldridge it was solid. He had the automatic jumper Portland ..... and that tied it up at if he's fit and as imagine Aldridge dialed and another jumper in Portland up five he had

  16. be to get than that goes up. Veteran team. Works extremely hard. One of the best if not the best ball forward. Ways plan Aldridge . I was small ball is coming off the bench. But well coached team that gets after it. In the division of their game and every

  17. 12.27: SAC/POR game highlights


    Wed, 28 Dec 2011

    admiring him mainly to get back on. Lesson learned for him Jimmer. Blazers make a run great and don't try anything LaMarcus Aldridge the puck hit Antoine. The half on fourteen to run being tied at 46 and a half. Blazers continue their run there

  18. minute mode you the last sequence in. Yeah well. There were two minute mode where we're. Trying to move the ball into Aldridge . You know good at times not not good enough. I didn't have to to win the game. Had opportunities. And would have liked

  19. those. And something we'd like to have back. See if Aldridge could score or samba. well I mean if you I don't ..... that first half what do you guys do differently against LaMarcus Aldridge . Actually we didn't we we we kept nursing strategy

  20. knowledge goes from generation to generation. can die off. Lakers play the game last night against the Portland and LaMarcus Aldridge he's on the guy noted that she's so hook shot like like I did he's got down. No one else is using it but he