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2.15: SAC/NYK postgame -- Landry Fields


  1. Giants1:09
Wed, 15 Feb 2012|

Fields says Jeremy Lin is a humble guy and deserves all of the attention he is getting.


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I -- thank you very much Landry how would you describe what has gone on here in the past ten days. It's certainly -- magazine. Being apart bit. Accidentally blasting -- we keep it going. Did you see this and practice did anybody see. Let -- come here or. Was this to sort of hidden and he needed opportunity. I -- it regularly to play doesn't that remind you that thought he'd be doing this. You know he's a humble guy he deserves -- -- program. When the teams going bad in the looks like its balance -- -- -- does. Whenever we are into the season here we're just in the February and there's a down front -- perhaps the coach is going to be gone -- -- players are going to be on. Lot of guys injured. And it turns on -- -- What does that do. It brings us together you know at that point we -- -- Lowe's red relied exotica is you know nobody else given us any kind of rightist though. You know the guy today and in doing we're doing especially now but there needs through tremendous they're chanting MVP. You believe that. Yeah I think game plan might slow. Appetite for Giants and on people it's never real proud of what to make mistakes out of their -- there for a.

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  1. points they held us to very few points and they pretty much lined up and kicked our tail. Can you talk about your decision to fields have gone for it in the first quarter. Yeah I just fell according to get some points you know it's the same thing. I think

  2. fundamentally he's. It sound as you get he lets the ball travel hits while the other way uses the whole field has power to all fields . So if there's anybody that you gonna take a look at try to get yourself better that's probably about as good starters

  3. cheering for you right now. something it's has been unbelievable seven years. A lot happened personally and also on the fields . You know some and all the who's really nice enough to come out against the Dodgers here the last it's. such a blessing

  4. because and nuts in my mind and I'm okay longtime ace. We can tell you should enjoy their. room and so we wanted to home fields we play baseball hard and we pujols ball. Can you yourself are it's an iron. I have not heard anything about it and the

  5. your last seven home runs sort of feel left set course that when they last night. How much you now using your power to all fields . In addition of pulling him when he kicked him certainly have always have power to the left center field gap never really to

  6. lived through that banana. Towards my direction in center field in the last inning way to show your class you expletive in quote. In case you didn't know throwing bananas on sporting fields is a more common racist offense. In Europe.

  7. that sport they've they've you know given us. Fairways. Rome speakers. At the expense of padding. Around. The grass fields . School board. It all those bushes and we got more grass. So made some really good days you'll make this feel like. All

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  9. powerful. And he's played It's not like to do. So. Putting in the getting wilted in the and find out what this. What's the what's the best combination of five guys would home fields in order to give our offense that can't success.

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  14. ran the spectrum and you know you can't script it any that in that. All right he'll stay with me because I sprayed all fields and move very fast I lost in the NFL are you going now. Exactly all right this business what the 49ers and Seahawks in the

  15. better Wendy's being timetable for when you're gonna come back. That's hard to say kind of wake up tomorrow you have fields and come in early and just. And and I gonna Gannon. It was murder and second inning benches cleared what did you see there


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  18. lot of people and I let. This very good and I'm in the bowl. Game to those two drops I mean people so he's in various fields . But you. Got you know pressure on more. I decided not to let him take over. Because he did definitely got a lot of time

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  20. conscious and trying to do too much. And now you know is stayed on the ball a bit better he has power all fields he has the ability at the ball all fields and stand up the middle hit the ball hard means. You're on time underscoring the ball out. I thought