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1.29: Larry Brown on Stephen Jackson

Fri, 20 Sep 2013|

According to a report, the Sixers are eying former Larry Brown assistant John Kuester to be Brett Brown's top assistant.

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  1. 1.29: Bobcats Head Coach Larry Brown on Chronicle Live

    Gonna bring one of my all time favors the many years to an NBA basketball I enjoyed visiting with Larry Brown more than any coach that I come across one of the great teachers of the game whether it be a college or pro basketball Coach first

  2. 1 29: GSW/CHA Postgame - Bobcats Coach Larry Brown

    Dinners but that you know would like to. Taking guys out a little sooner bit. But I like the way we played them Baghdad and that's not fair. I looked out there they have three guys from the developmental league playing that's not that's not fair. You know they. He's got a lot of sympathy for them

  3. Leyland: 'There is a lot of pressure, you just have to learn to embrace it'

    back to childhood just a moment are you waiting for. You know Nolan pressured by a you know. Jim former Pistons coach Larry Brown used to have a saying that this playoff series does not begin until the road team wins game is that you superficial

  4. Matt and Feldy: On Jacobs' rehab, etc

    Candlestick Park the Vikings in for the course for six this game I would miss a couple players Parys Haralson I saw Larry Brown went over so I that singletary game. Seattle think anybody's mind will be on Mike Singletary. And and his team here

  1. Report: Sixers eye Kuester as top assistant


    Fri, 20 Sep 2013

    According to a report, the Sixers are eyeing former Larry Brown assistant John Kuester to be Brett Brown's top assistant.

  2. Will Brett Brown follow Larry Brown's footsteps?


    Wed, 21 Aug 2013

    Brett Brown inherits a Sixers team similar to the one Larry Brown took over in '97. Will he be able to build a team with a winning record like his predecessor?

  3. Brown: Sixers rebuild 'going to take a little time'


    Fri, 12 Jul 2013

    Larry Brown was at Philadelphia University on Wednesday scouting potential recruits and took the time to talk a little Sixers basketball.

  4. Source: Sixers contacted Brown, who wants to run a team


    Thu, 6 Jun 2013

    A source confirmed to Comcast SportsNet that the Sixers have shown interest in Larry Brown , who himself is interested in running an NBA franchise.

  5. Report: Sixers contact ... Larry Brown ?


    Wed, 5 Jun 2013

    According to a report, the Sixers have contacted former coach Larry Brown about their vacant head coaching position.

  6. Terps 'figure it out' in comeback win


    Fri, 22 Mar 2013

    Mark Turgeon said that his mentor, Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown , would implore his teams to figure out a way to win. Against Denver, Maryland did just that.

  7. to return his second and Jamaica queens and and it's things shines in the Lenny Wilkens and Jerry Sloan fed Riley Larry Brown you mentioned Rick Pitino today coach pitino will be going. In the hall of fame we all know that would you single him

  8. but during his time on the court Jackson played for five hall of fame coaches including. And Wilkens Pat Riley and Larry Brown . Fan that He hasn't slept in the seat that as they head coach's seat. If you were hiring assistant coach you probably

  9. some really good coaches out there are not working. Certainly wanted Jeff Van Gundy. Another is Mike Brown Larry Brown well Larry Brown isn't a real good fit here. And Jeff Van Gundy. I don't know about him either you could certainly make

  10. t care about the bottom line you care about his ground ball to short Larry Baird and the Giants need to make money Larry Brown here and ask how. The plenty of middle of the order guy basically lays things and you talk somebody they're considering

  11. 7.9: David Lee on Chronicle Live


    Sat, 10 Jul 2010

    to the basket strictly wasn't wasn't only allowed out of the pain actually. And Roy and when I've played under Larry Brown my rookie year and and with Isiah for a couple years. I was strictly a guy that since I had no jump shot played back

  12. in a row on the road. Curry finished with a 25 in his first game as a professional in his own down. Bobcats coach Larry Brown said about Qualifier ever retire Night's game with the Warriors in scoring. But now is seen him perform better

  13. 1.28: The Stephen Jackson File


    Thu, 28 Jan 2010

    shift from Comcast sports net Bay Area. Pregame live just look at 7 PM tipoff 730 also tomorrow. Bobcats head coach Larry Brown stopped about what's that would break Papa on chronicle live.

  14. 11.17: Stephen Jackson


    Wed, 18 Nov 2009

    next level and last longer part of first impressions of Larry Brown . I love I'm have been known for awhile you know then ..... don't wanna be a part of that first impressions of Larry Brown . I love them I'm have been known for awhile you know

  15. off into the field that younger. Thank coach Walters has played under some impressive coaches Roy Williams Chuck Daly Larry Brown . And Pat Riley. And Walter describes his coaching style very simply as. Honest. It's very honest. Sometimes brutally