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4.7: Lenny Wilkens on Don Nelson



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Sat, 10 Mar 2012|

Hall of Famer Chris Mullin talks with Greg Papa on Chronicle Live.


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The admiralty -- only David Robinson won three Olympic gold with team USA. Chris -- had the privilege of winning twice completely different. Scenarios the shaggy hair -- with the T shirt and 84 in LA part of an amateur team. Head coach Bobby Knight the drill sergeant who came back later Knight who played for. Chuck Daly will all those great star Charles and Michael the mailman Drexler are doing and and Larry and magic so we are back to ORACLE Arena. Our special -- conversation conversation and Chris -- floats your. Olympic team experience. And to have a great time listening to stories on. -- -- big age difference from 84 to 92. Light years away for you personally and and and your teammates. -- in 1984. -- were all college students. And I think group of very underrated team I mean I was that was a really good team. Michael Jordan Patrick Ewing Wayman Tisdale. I -- some really really isn't sure Sam Perkins Robertson. Vern Fleming we -- it was a really good team. Bobby Knight was the coach. And we the process. We started tryouts in April. And and pick the team to July. That was ruling and invited about eighty players and they were trimmed it down. Twenty at a time send you home bring you back to make sure you stay in shape than it was intense process. I mean cut from that team. -- Charles awkward. John Stockton small price. So it was it was intense competition and Bobby. He was you know in the prime of his career. It was it was rough I mean did you like playing for night I enjoyed -- I did I mean. We always sit around Steve Alford was on the team. And -- what you're going back there were not all about half -- step. But Bobby Bobby was he was a great coach. -- He was intense. Well one day he's he's he's -- some funny addicts. He's -- unabomber defense all the time is gonna make -- great defender and so one day. Probably one day the only day I took the charge. And Bobby stop practice. Blew the whistle called the manager over -- give you -- -- faith. Seats with -- put on the floor. And wrote. Chris Mullin took -- charge. They put it to you -- that they'll never happen again. I was going to say some it was an overrated experience -- that I enjoy it and I have never do it and very overrated. Larry Bird did take a lot of charges it is talk about playing with Larry in Barcelona in 92 more importantly what do you put your head coach at Indiana what was that -- Yeah -- -- that dream team itself was just you know. An incredible experience it was a dream everything you woke ago. We started training camp in San Diego. They determine Portland had some time off and you know the month later would have been training camp Monte Carlo but the the goalie we do in practice like now are you know Chuck Daly was just so you know Greek coach of course who approached a great guy fun to be around. Coach Kate PGA Lenny Wilkens was on our staff just up and down just incredible. NBA icons. In Larry Bird was a guy I just told me idolize growing up as well. You know 79 I was in high school watch that game with magic and Larry. And that's Duke played with him but he gets time to time to send away from the court with him. You know we have a cool game horse one day in Barcelona was just things like that which you know. Members for a lifetime. Don Nelson put it -- you -- you with a 67 Larry Bird he was 69 but the -- was the 67 virginal Larry Bird. -- thanks congratulations on a all you've accomplished but thought it back together on marked the ninth save bloodiest day went seven. Does -- in the -- in this building -- wherever I hope you enjoyed and are chronicled conversation was -- presented by Farmers Insurance.

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  8. Speaking of better basketball players better coaches that helps. Michael doesn't look like he's gonna surpass Lenny Wilkens . So. something today preseason It's going to be really. Awkward strange situation you think even though he's

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    chill. David should go first Don Nelson Willy catch Lenny Wilkens and become the all time that winds holder in the regular ..... ve got ten. We're in early January is he gonna get Lenny Wilkens this year yes he well I I don't even think it'll

  13. moral Radmanovic played the entire game. I'm Nellie does get credit for the win in so he's nineteen away from Lenny Wilkens . Keith smart making his head coach went out to our our men in charge Nelson all guys pulled together for him as it