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Powe encourages youths to 'stay focused' for success



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Thu, 5 Apr 2012|

Leon Powe joins Jim Kozimor on Chronicle Live to talk about Hook Mitchell's influence on his youth, and what The Town Game means to him.


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Leon I wanna Begin by talking about hook Mitchell we had a here on chronicle live on Wednesday night what influence did he have on you when your career. A little bit he you know hurt. -- -- come and my mentor is always -- him because he's giving him a lot he's put a lot of -- more together. So you're not talk talk from time to time he gave me some advice. You know it took you a rare win it and not listen everything. And you know just just a big impact -- great influence and well talk tool is a solid humble person. You made it from the streets of Oakland you played the street game you know the other big names in that area of love the basketball world. And you made it out why were you able to do that not get caught up in the other street life. Oh and you know -- is. Me how to how to go to my -- you know are a little more than just be you know doing what everybody else is doing. It's very easy run mysteries. In though and didn't turn out paying out not to be. Too much don't want to be so. You know him. And basketball -- my commute was way out. And when really -- mud -- and really focused in the classroom. And and that's when things start things for me and start seeing progress. And that's when it took off. What makes the culture of Oakland and basketball so unique. Since there's there's a rough place to be. And basketball you know coming up my best form Oakland. This this is this a grind no news is you go through your ups and now as he gets every day life you you get. -- is a lot of things going home and size basketball -- The people whereas you know chart data focused and and maintain. What their goals are and it would be trying to accomplish. Think those ones you know that they do good. Coming -- -- In the documentary the town -- there's some emotional moments in there when you discuss your mother who was passed on. What lessons did you learn from your mother as you move forward and now your dad. Just just treat people like you wanna be treated. She are treated people nice -- time always very kind things about everybody. No matter what the circumstances worse and and always raise a story she raise us the right way and in my brother's assistance. And you are just totally relate real worried that tomorrow so -- my family in in the way I live my life. What about for kids coming up now in Oakland they might have heard of Leon all our -- -- you'll -- some life someone described -- -- a lot neck not the Loch Ness Monster we didn't even know if he was real but. What message do you want the big kids now to come away with the -- what street life than basketball likened. And how maybe they can take a different row. You know just just always stay focused. And that's what I do. OK my goals a stay focused. I worked hard in the classroom. And you know I know so it's tough for some key is in the classroom like it was from media I won't point in time. But I really buckle down are really start going out like hanging out here a lot of my friends on religious start focusing on the classroom on the basketball court. And you'll be you be surprised which you can do once you do that and once you realize. You know you pretend you and how you can succeed in the classroom and off the court. And a links course. The list of guys who come from Oakland and it's so big you get the Bryan Shaw's in the Jason kids' list is endless all the way down to Bill Russell. But how important is it for all of those guys who went through the system. To give something back whatever they give is but to get something back so that the new kids maybe they'll find a good route. Yeah every everybody's got to do some back you know we are always welcome and I'll talk to the key is always. Try to tell them you know just to stay focused on the goals. Don't get caught up in the street life. And don't think you know you to be hated to learn to listen. And and and just focus and then when you do that you could make it you can achieve your goals I'm not -- tomorrow it not just about school where you try to be which one of the he knew -- -- doctor whatever you wanna be and if you just stay focused and maintain it. And listen. To the right people. That you have opportunity to have a chance. And he knows this is his me trying to give back to the key is that you know don't really know how to go about situation. And just Harlem helped him understand it. Ponson documentary you will want to see 9 o'clock Monday to town game Comcast sports net Bay Area Leon Paul thanks for joining us here chronicle live a good block. In your return we what does it back any NBA soon. Oh you you are hope we'll be back soon.

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