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YSTL: Poole: 'Warriors could be the best team in the Western Conference'



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Tue, 29 Oct 2013|

The Warriors win total is listed at 51.5 over/under. Panelists discuss the number, agreeing that the Warriors should supersede the mark. The Miami Heat are also discussed, and named as favorites again.


Machine Generated Transcript

You guys know well Nevada I know you just got shots guys are they have the Miami Heat look at for three tape look at the LA Clippers. For second on their list to win the NBA. A regular season win total this year and got Bulls with Derrick Rose back in the Spurs. The Rockets the Pacers -- the Warriors down there except you wanted to have -- our first question voiced all. I'm here I'm fifty grand score this season has gone first very -- since I honestly don't burn opposite -- 151 point five games I have. Are you and that disappoints but that's the most -- I don't want to win not contingent on the -- very good team that has never played them tough division I'm not sure. They can with the Clippers in their own division but I do think he's going to be very good team. Last health wise I don't think. -- ops this year I'm very very optimistic vision of the war. My. 47 over under on fifteen wins this year and it's it's an -- -- very good. And it's a no brainer thing if they stay healthy and they should be well into the fifties. This division and conference really work every team have a flaw. The Warriors biggest flaw is whether they're gonna stay healthy if they stay healthy they could very well be the best team. Mean in the Western Conference. Hard to believe but true. Scotty asked the over under on fifty for the Dutch we'll -- this is a no brainer that's right up my Alley. Think you know I might be Smart and -- decision before southern Nevada had to try to figure out like you know the number fifty -- -- I guess I'm gonna have to go over you know the Warriors have a team meeting and during camp. To decide. I've discussed how many games they were when this year they decided on 57 step three and wrote an unemployed. So I think they're a lot to miss another -- to do. And I like Alec varies a lot about 51 of them have been at a -- half time lead apparently had -- been long enough. How do we agree with the Miami Heat age 61 and a half as a top total there earlier -- more that -- think they get into the mid sixties this year. I think that he can do that it it really into the doesn't depend so much on LeBron James anymore LeBron -- that's what he does the league MVP but tell me. -- Dwyane Wade can stay healthy and put together a good productive season they can win 636465. Games that's how good they are. Did a terrific coach a terrific support system there. They are the.

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  14. round opponent. We don't know that's going to be the Los Angeles Clippers Denver Nuggets Memphis Grizzlies all fight over that spot ..... those three teams assuming they hold six. Probably the Los Angeles Clippers a team they beat three out of four times this year. But

  15. I'll just ask you if you wanna start by talking about your defense tonight or your offense has was outstanding on defense out of the game. That's out of going. The problem point guards you know looking down so that's the you know. Helps my game so what about principal what a challenge yeah I love

  16. team you might remember that coach Jackson was drafted by the New York Knicks. Back in 1987. Before being traded. To the LA Clippers in 1992 we said after the game the first person that takes them was his mom the text read way to get them back. Reported

  17. want to open the playoffs with a Los Angeles Clippers the better chance to beat the Clippers ..... up. Number two the half court. Los Angeles Clippers sometimes struggle in the half court ..... State Warriors have beaten. The Los Angeles Clippers three out of four times this year

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