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Wed, 23 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

That the NBA dot com the twelfth annual general managers' survey -- and you see that the Warriors names start pop up all over the place. The the most fun team to watch this according -- general managers in the league. The best pure shooter. Where's the Warriors uniform also the most surprising looming offseason one on two and a tie for first -- -- now I'm drinking double move that. Landed him on the Golden State Warriors and so the -- shown up on this NBA dot com survey. When you see other teams general managers jumping in. -- once catching on to what's going on right and that's going on right for Joseph lake and Peter Guber team what's going on right -- is our Warriors insider money poorly joins us here. On the pulse and let's start with most fun team how about this so. Amending the thunder the heat's not Clippers for the Warriors get on the list -- those teams. Twelve games in the post season last year. That's saying a team that is so unaccustomed to being in the post season they get to twelve games last year playing Denver and playing San Antonio and you look at him now. Debate that realm offense curry obviously it's fun to watch Klay Thompson's on the watch I think they keep -- it would still live with this team. You've got to look at curry and tough. But to me the key for -- in front is the big guy if Andrew Bogut is healthy. There is no better passing big man in the NBA but I mean he's creative about it these fundamental results very creative he can make that offense even go to another level. Fine let's move to one of the other numbers on this list and that's that's your hunger. While I myself would take a different curry -- tell when it comes to shoot it and I mean it dealt would agree had a pretty good best release I've seen that guy was quick. Right on it it's Seth -- that gets it but how much of that 54 point night at Madison Square Garden. Have to do with stuff curry being on the radar with writers -- media in general. Whenever you have a big game in New York everybody notices they're -- that's talked about it and gets discussed for years and years and years. Thirty years from now people without Muster up and Corey in new York at times so. That's a big reason but the bottom line is he is probably. Without that I think the best pure shooter in the league. And he does have a quick release to -- it runs in the family again. Yeah it sure does and then that playoff run like you mentioned before the play up front that everyone around the excitement of it the playoff runs. It's really hauled everyone in on this guy to get when you see a team in the regular season it's one thing. When a team they would get to the postseason and make some noise. To win it -- series they were supposed to win and being -- and -- -- -- the way they did people also took notes the Warriors. It's interesting to see the one that said most surprising offseason -- one was the nets Celtics trade involved a lot of big names. Then you say Andre Iguodala landing with a Golden State Warriors what is it about that move that makes it's so surprising that people go out what's going up there. I think it's a better word is unexpected you didn't see it happening. Because the Warriors were supposed to be -- that Dwight Howard and hopefully have a big man -- workhorse for about her about about coming back but when you stop and think about it. Andre -- brings a lot of things. That this team needs and he was able to accomplish what we come here for a lower price than we've gotten at Sacramento or -- any of the -- he came at a discount the Mets -- -- Record that doesn't happen often at all I don't count on one hand forgot to take less to move. Let's hope will remove -- is -- yes let's remove correct doesn't happen very often that says something about the Golden State Warriors. Health also matters at all yet they're two questions that we've got to wanna start with -- Andrew ball getting cents lower back -- area just hit pulled the tape to hit tail bone. Is his big concern with this is is gonna be like last year where he's gonna start for game or two and then I got to go on the shelf for. By all indications that if not the case well in the cases he has. Ready to go. It will be out there all the time. He's the guy you look at and say okay Andrew Bogut is one guy that's in the middle this defense that can protect the rim and keep guys who come to the basket. And they have so many your over for the war against the Brewers so. Did Bogut stays healthy. If curry stays healthy this is really about those two guys did those two guys stayed healthy this team is one of the top barbs exchanged in the league I believe. All right lower back or hip is he lying about injuries like he was here and I'm teasing teasing and I know morning here I'm -- -- -- -- everyday this week I -- does so that's the bottom you know he's got a -- but he needs just needed to arrest but there is another question. With a rising star I think it Harrison Barnes foot injury he's now gone from. I've been a little bit me read about that -- now I've got some big concerns. I think so I mean whenever you have a guy a young guys who really -- you broke out in the post seasons when you look at Harrison Barnes and -- -- It and it happened against Sacramento and he said well you know he's got this little inflammation in his foot and I will not too worried about right now. More than two weeks ago so now you've got to be taken he still haven't practiced yet we don't look -- ready for the beginning of the season. I think you got to worry about that a little bit. Man he had such an explosive second season as he is playoffs really exploded out of the gate. And made a name for -- you don't wanna see him lose any time just hope the guy gets healthy. They might -- comedy it. On an off day that's that's an off Bedard.

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