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2.12: Magic Johnson with a message for Team USA

Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

Michael Carter-Williams had an historic debut as the Sixers upset the Heat, and Magic Johnson thinks he's destined to win Rookie of the Year.

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  1. Curry's 'perfect' pass to Jack

    Stephen Curry serves a Magic Johnson -like pass to Jarrett Jack in transition during the Warriors' 106-99 win over the Clippers on Monday.

  2. Jim Kozimor and Melanie Collins: 'What's Trending?'

    all time NBA starting five are right I'm going with Magic Johnson at point guard. Obviously I'm gonna get Michael Jordan ..... His rookie year in game six against the 76ers. I go Magic Johnson it's center hubbub that we're thrown a curve yeah

  3. Tom Tolbert & Ray Ratto break down Jason Kidd's hiring in Brooklyn

    retired pinch. In Boston went right to Milwaukee and he was the successful template the unsuccessful template was Magic Johnson . A lot here depends not only on the staff he gets though. But on his ability to reach Deron Williams because Deron

  4. 1-on-1 with Jarron Collins

    it was it was at night wasn't a precursor now and then wasn't a precursor there there been some other guys some magic Johnson 's son in particular. come to mind that's TMZ out in person person about. My brother could see that and you know

  1. Magic's prediction: MCW for Rookie of the Year


    Thu, 31 Oct 2013

    Michael Carter-Williams had an historic debut as the Sixers upset the Heat, and Magic Johnson thinks he's destined to win Rookie of the Year.

  2. he did his job and did it you know it took them to to you know put us in position winnable game. just Denver Post. Magic Johnson said after the game that he thought we've seen. The birth of a superstar in this league you've played a lot of

  3. Warriors shock NBA's top team


    Sat, 23 Feb 2013

    game losing streak to those first Jarrett Jack become the first player off the bench with the birdied ten games it's Magic Johnson back in 1996. They've really lost is it weird 2520. Game.

  4. Colorado be demoted Dodger Stadium this will be the first home game with the new ownership led by the Guggenheim and Magic Johnson they're playing great at home having won ten of their first twelve home games and they've got to a certain center

  5. says something about the state of baseball Los Angeles which is good. A wonderful. Personality attached to the deal Magic Johnson who is loved in that market. And the fact that it is as a prime rival the Dodgers over the years. I'm Dillon makes

  6. image of what that is that your daughter and I know we're in the Bay Area but I don't think that the dodgers' sale Magic Johnson isn't enough that the Giants. We may take over look out any area that question is just how much are you afraid for

  7. the ball rolled over fifty. But the real big award that was fifteen my whole life growing up and I got it was Ervin Magic Johnson . Great point of several players. One of the quickest I want to have you had what were the highest jumper. I was

  8. Being born that way something on inside of you. Where you the guys in the rule no matter who else is in it. Their magic Johnson 's. Tom Brady's. More I don't know go on and on and for you Chris Paul. On Thursday practice. He's asking

  9. 9.20 The Lunch Box Episode 7


    Tue, 20 Sep 2011

    fourth round by knockout in attendance to this I was He taking. Fifty cents Kevin Hart. around right at me you know magic Johnson and many. Manny has more did you do to catch I mean I was there I know I I wouldn't think if I wanted to fight it

  10. anytime you surrounded by greatness. As a citizen if you look better than you actually are. But those two Larry Bird Magic Johnson . For a guy like me coming up right behind them you know watch them play in that historic college in Michigan State

  11. three on the all time assist list a couple of great to magic Johnson and and Oscar Robertson we talked a lot about Monta ..... show my and do the same thing if you would trade me for Magic Johnson . Make the trade round feel in your coach thank you

  12. when I had no business believing and I think that's what coaching is all about a step on the floor where there was Magic Johnson Isiah Thomas. John Stockton whoever. On the opposite end of a possible and I believe because of the confidence that

  13. 5.25: Chronicle Live -- Jerry West


    Wed, 25 May 2011

    t say debacles I'm affiliated with them. I just thank you very very close. All the NBA game is changed a lot of Magic Johnson at 6869 brought size of the backcourt for you and Gail Goodrich were not a big. Back court you were 62 and the other

  14. finals beat. Times including the final three years of your period a crucial one in a five NBA championships. Ervin Magic Johnson . You guys are so different off the court your skills on the floor complemented to each other so so brilliantly when

  15. something Zeta. marketplace and so I took all the people that I had met over 35 or so years from. Nelson Mandela and magic Johnson and Pat Riley and Tom winner on the Red Sox and then we'll Spielberg and all the great filmmakers. And I listen

  16. 6.22: Jeremy Lin on Chronicle Live


    Fri, 25 Jun 2010

    money was evidence I want he would follow the NBA religiously. And when he moved in America that was when Larry Bird Magic Johnson were were dueling in the eighties is he the guy you're dead but he got you playing basketball is a young man. On

  17. you remember Dennis Johnson he would match up with Magic Johnson . In NBA finals in fact in 1984. The key move in ..... the Celtics moved Dennis Johnson off the ought to Magic Johnson . Magic Johnson 35 turnovers in that series it was which was an

  18. finally gotten at a time where you've got to talk about Kobe Bryant in the same breath is Michael Jordan Larry Bird Magic Johnson . They had nothing On Kobe Bryant in terms of it's unbelievable I mean Grant Hill all Vermont that final shot and

  19. 5.30: Marc Spears on Lakers-Celtics


    Sun, 30 May 2010

    all time where does leading him back to the finals for a seventh time leave Kobe. Boy has to. When you know he time Magic Johnson . With the title right here in the the next guy on the list Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant is playing phenomenal just

  20. 4.13: SAC/LAL Postgame- Paul Westphal


    Wed, 14 Apr 2010

    seasons anybody's head you know that it. That's not the only measure of success you know I'm sure that. No Magic Johnson on rolling from from they'll go short miracles just mean Kareem Mike had a from the suicidal. You know it's a