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11.6: Jim Barnett on Chronicle Live

Mon, 29 Jul 2013|

We look at some news and notes from around the NBA, including Marcus Camby returning to the Houston Rockets.

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  1. Steinmetz's NBA Draft Scouting Report -- Anthony Davis

    a number one pick and the only question is how good is he going to be we talking about a player is going to be like Marcus Camby . Mostly a defensive player or are we talking about a player who's gonna be great if the defense event. And also

  2. 3.9: SAC/POR Postgame- Paul Westphal

    minutes and came away I thought that. Her poise. Offensively down the stretch a lot to be desired and I thought that Marcus Camby . You know is a stat line. Would knock your eyes out really dominated this dominated the game for them on the defensive

  1. resources more. And blocked shots of the round rebound the basketball. So. His city he's still getting comfortable. Sterling Camby I think. Sure. Us. Slow and actions are kind of under the same the really value he can bring this team. We've seen that

  2. Is Yoenis Cespedes a one-trick pony?


    Thu, 22 Aug 2013

    there I ask you Larry similar question the day he Grant Balfour is one of the leaders on this team. Graham which are closer to Camby grabbed I don't know that there is that one clearly defined I don't think there is that one clearly defined guy. On this

  3. NBA Notes: Marcus Camby returns to Rockets


    Mon, 29 Jul 2013

    We look at some news and notes from around the NBA, including Marcus Camby returning to the Houston Rockets.

  4. re down there in LA I got to live you know what's going on up here in the Bay our good friend Gary she's on the radio on Camby are with Larry he's a huge fan of Yahoo! Sports talk live on ready arm. But Melanie he's got some serious questions for

  5. think he's. He's on his way are here to. Ramon. Aurilia. From one together position Brewers will be here. There are Camby . It seems like he goes with this spring training you know every team deals with visa issues. Yeah am trying to that. You

  6. had some you know got out of my mechanics a little bit. And pretty much it and so. You know boards in the post season you Camby . Can't think about mechanics can claim an eight days ago there compete with whatever you got and try to keep us in the game

  7. Has Crabtree won the fans?


    Thu, 10 May 2012

    Was bashing. Crabtree or if get going create yourself you'll figure out what he was doing he joins us Brian Murphy from Camby sticks around. You mean they synopsis of what did you have a theory with what you're looking at a Crabtree because this all

  8. one of the you know no other place. In really haven't thought about it but I don't wanna be in a situation where. Black Camby for you head to the audience this said that would another team you know I hope. That if things work out and get their down

  9. going to be competitive he's going to be aggressive I don't wanna call illegally. I think is serviceable serviceable and Camby and number one or number two. And he played safety as I mentioned for seven seasons in the a lot people's Cisco say he

  10. prospect. Again and talk about who's coming. Up the system behind Buster Posey there's a lot of talk always about buster Camby in the crowd for too many more years he's too valuable. He's gonna have to be a position player at some point. What do

  11. 1.19: Hot Stove Interactive (Part 1)


    Wed, 19 Jan 2011

    Acre Josh Chapman and think ethnic ethnic and and. And it really got it out lefty logic is like that is now let's go to of Camby are Marty. Galarraga out there Armando just miss the perfect game the Giants are in the market for that insurance starter that

  12. 12.6: Takeo Spikes on Chronicle Live


    Tue, 7 Dec 2010

    act to play better football. I think this is from the pitcher's standpoint you talk about is because we realized. Daily Camby does. From a young guys you really don't want to put their much on their plate you have to deal with defects in defects stars

  13. a disadvantage. If you don't carry. Tight during your career more like all purpose on the bench. Well I think he can. Camby and our situation. And and do couple options and public parks where it and so. Sooners. It. Having. Seen in the video game

  14. 10.26: Best of Gary Radnich


    Tue, 26 Oct 2010

    my knees grow week to get to bat but right now. damn sure that you really think he's not noted. Are your crazy. crazy it Camby got Joe the truth this week that you've played this in December but I don't we're we're all all the time. Go ahead

  15. 9.30: Radnich Remix


    Thu, 30 Sep 2010

    far we'll have video taped action be bringing you live on the FaceBook page gonna we're man enough to put on the Tony Garrett Brad is Tony Camby I don't put on examiner did I haven't earned the right to have pulled pulled coverage.

  16. You don't Chris Lincecum I think I. I don't know I don't know what you said right there in the peace but I heard you on Camby are the other day you were alluding to that he should get part of the coaching staff I know what you wrote today. and you what

  17. 8.6: Best of Gary Radnich


    Fri, 6 Aug 2010

    standing and I'd get on the cross. Somebody cares noted died down in Windsor everybody's gonna get on there. You're on Camby aren't you would slide began to be unafraid of the press and just feel just so free yourself courageous that it Gary Richards

  18. go to basketball to let down wanna keep going we haven't used. Q was game report coming up they gotta they new new player Camby and don't remember it roars back out to solve but a big break game I've been. For a coach lose Denver loses tonight. Jazz

  19. 1.26: GSW/SAC Postgame- Paul Westphal


    Wed, 27 Jan 2010

    that are adjustments in his game that that we think he he needs to to work on to make himself the player he he wants to beat Camby . And I think it's it's really been coming on for a for a few games now. This this kind of presence that that that he

  20. 11.29: JAX/SF Postgame: Manny Lawson


    Sun, 29 Nov 2009

    eleven people to the ball. Me and Derek I think it gives you manage to get some binoculars this guy can talk met like I you on Camby are last year especially when you are winning that's hard to get on there and make up stuff and pretend you are saying something