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6.10: Chronicle Live -- Mark Jackson Pt. 2



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  10. Kobe Bryant7:42, 8:29
Sat, 11 Jun 2011|

Mark Jackson is joined by Papa, Steinmetz, and Killion who ask about Monta Ellis, can the Warriors make the playoffs next season, etc.


Machine Generated Transcript

But they start over 24 points a game he's just 25 years of days -- rumors are rampant around the Bay Area in the NBA that is going to be traded from the Warriors we shall see Mark Jackson and a good coach the Warriors is back we bring and that's time that's been killing in from a CSN Bay Area decked out there's no question Monta can score -- were talking earlier about point guard your pedigree and how important it is at a chain He said He is much improved it. Passer from before but do you have a pure Mark Jackson point guard on your roster right now in Monta Ellis. Or step curry no and and that's only be in truth. -- to realize because the things that I could do on the floor. We're different I couldn't do what they can do I can wake up and get two point 15 points and I'm glad that they -- not me. Because we have the ability of the high scoring backcourt and put so much pressure on the defense would be explosive explosive dual and Ellis and -- So I guess the better question would be do you need that pure point guard to win DD to Jason Kidd type of point guard to win in the NBA today no you don't. When you look at the the Miami Heat. Mike Bibby is this fun point guard Mario Chalmers is their backup point guard Timmy stepped curry any day of the week the bottom line is this guy can flat out play. He's continuing to develop and he's Columbia absence saw in this league no question. What people forget about Monta Ellis is that when He came into the league one of the things you actually did well was to keep quick guards out of the paint. And this like the thing that I keep coming back to how are you going to. -- the Warriors to change that played defense because. Every coach would they come in here says that and it's and it's been. Hard. Does not the culture has changed from top to bottom we will emphasize defense we will hold you accountable. What you do -- defense event if you do not defend if you do not compete there will be a price to pay. There's no compromise and when you're trying to win. If you don't defend you're telling me you don't care about winning. I got to find somebody else to go get it done that doesn't mean that you get stops all the time. That doesn't mean that would hold teams on the hundredth all time but we're gonna get it done. You talked about the culture change in an earlier today the press conference you said. That this is like New York City west. -- how surprised you that. Franchises beautiful city and great place it has been so dormant for so long it's almost seems like an impossibility. I'm very surprised -- actually think it's time for the organization to catch up to defend. -- enthusiasm the energy the passion and I certainly believe that that has taken place with this change. When you talk about Joseph and Peter when you talk about the front office now you have a match as far -- fan base intensity. Ownership and and and an organization wise and know we are about to take off and it's a thrilling time in this area. You wanna go back to the defense of comment you made so what you're saying is that you can get a good defensive effort from a player and that'll be sufficient freedom with a guy just does not have great. Defense is still like your great friend Chris Mullin. Was slow footed but He had quick cancer He would compensate for the slow feet was quick hands. Can you get a good enough defense of presents from these two guys right now to play the kind of defense you need to to win the NBA. I can only point to myself that I wasn't a great defender but I compete. And what happened as far as team work and teammates a concern is. I've played as a rookie and -- and an -- and my first five years -- Patrick Ewing. Well Patrick you and understood that I was getting in the basketball and -- making plays -- on the offensive end. He also understood that I wasn't a great defender that I was gonna compete. And his jaw was that combo meal on the defense of -- protecting me as my teammate because I'm gonna make them look better keep me on the floor don't make me a liability. That's what teamwork is all about all one -- five guys committed to working hard to follow in the game plan and making life tough. On the opposite remarked that this team does not have a Patrick Ewing lurking there to block the shot they did not have a Charles -- that's gonna give you an elbow and get him out of the paint so. Even if these guys get beat off the dribble where's the big come -- over it to make up for the lack of quickness in the backcourt. I'll tell you secret about NBA players -- professional athletes in general. They will take as much as you give them. If you don't hold them accountable. Than that that is going to do whatever. -- -- hold them accountable and I and I truly respect. Appreciate talent these guys are gonna get it done because the temperature has risen and the culture change. Well what if what if you start to coach and you realize. That even if this team. Puts it together defensively. They're still not good enough. To meet a certain foundation where you can be successful you have to think that could be a possibility. I really believe in this league watching the great teams defend. It is it is -- schemes. And individuals. You look at both of these teams in the finals not out of Miami Heat are exceptional as pause that let us as a ability to contest active hands -- and all those things contain. The Dallas Mavericks just -- doing it by committee. Schemes zone defense schemes double team LeBron James not a spectacular a couple of very good individual defenders. But flat out guys that have bought into the system that's how you can get away with down the stretch plane JJ Barea and Jason Terry. Do you think you've got this job because of your defensive mindset and principles haven't Larry Riley spoke about defense defense Cilic of defense obviously your name they wanted that but you think they hired you. First and foremost to make this club get more stops no I think they hired me because they saw that -- Rosalie. And they felt not -- intensity. They they they really believe what I was saying. And it was exactly what this organization. And the city needed. I'm humbled and honored that they chose me I understand that that the the question marks as far as why hide guys inexperienced but I love what Joseph said. This is the most experienced guy we interviewed when you think about body of work and time -- Seventeen years in the NBA in every three on the all time assist list -- a couple of great to magic Johnson and and Oscar Robertson we talked a lot about Monta Ellis and everybody's. I'm debating Monta and his situation first of all just one more point and I'm not take -- movies Jeff curry. Will you have import on on what the Warriors ultimately decide to do with Monta Ellis or is that going to be a Larry Riley. Jerry West Joseph lake a call know what they came to a situation where I have no input because at the end of the day I'm coaching. And not my name and and and my brand is on the line. That being said we have great minds in the front office we have great minds in the ownership we would get together I will have input. And then at the end of the day we will make a decision on anybody and everybody. And we will come out of wrong collectively singing that song there will be there will be no separation. I don't know the words in your mouth but judging -- what you're saying here what you've been quoted extensively saying you do not want Monta Ellis to be traded. From this team you want him to go to camp with your next year all the trades that have been discussed. I do not want to trade Monta Ellis I want my tales of being a warrior beautiful if you told me -- -- Monta Ellis for Dwight Howard I would hope my fellow. I appreciate them and then make the deal and show my -- and do the same thing if you would trade me for Magic Johnson. Make the trade round feel in your coach thank you mentioned Iowa and what would you say and you think Monta is that third best off guard in the NBA right now. Take Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade out of it. Give me Monta Ellis and out absolutely fine with anybody else on the other side of the court. You're up you just got on my -- is bad side. That's because He said He was the second best. Shooting guard in the league last year just behind cope with a so you gotta we -- -- already did the way. Now you've you've got there got a lot tomorrow's generation things way to Tibet at a high. I cannot I don't know if I had that's not the true but they're good habits and how would that. Dwyane Wade has a game Sunday night months they'll pat cash in on what the style because he's -- -- -- -- -- bureaucratic always get better and if you believe that you talked a lot -- players. Yes I've talked everybody I've talked to all of the guys and what I will say get back to Monta Ellis. On a given night. He's been in the Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade on a given night He can do just as much damage as Dole's guys can do and that's what you want when you talk about explosives -- Staff curry. Don Nelson one of them -- can appoint parity obviously controlled the ball extremely well. What we're do you see him ultimately that you're saying the Monta is the off -- so you -- to be your point guard DC it was a pure point guard. -- is not a pure point oh yeah and and and he's he's a god that can score the basketball. He's a phenomenal shooter he's a guy that's under rated -- so certainly I believe that -- cars. Tim played a point guard position and we can be extremely successful. With the ball in his hands he's going to get better people admit they got to understand this is a young player. Learning how to play -- point guard position at this level but I love absolutely loved everything SC about do you feel like He has to get. And one minute minute every night tend to be able to -- learning and -- of that position his minutes were limited last year. Well one day how will say is. Unless something crazy happens step curry will be playing the bulk of the minutes they get quality minutes. And game time finishing deciding minutes when it counts and that's that being said that's that's the only thing that can. Can change that if he's not get it done on the defense event. But I truly believe he's a gym and a guy that's a finisher. And can bring home victories the same way when you talk about Monta Ellis. You -- talked about them yesterday or today as described in the -- this scorers. He's that good to have two guys in your back court whose best attribute is scoring. To me it is to me it is I think you can nitpick and say oh let's get rid of someone and all of a sudden you're looking for a score. You're you're you're one of these teams that you've got to create opportunities at the polls to put the ball a guy's hands and sandman. Does that amaze we got a quality look awful just just Beisel and a quality look all we're just a pick and roll. You can't take for granted how dynamic these guys offensively. It creates opportunities for everybody else on the floor.

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