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  1. Lakers last night. 31 the Warriors should be all over the Clippers aren't I think doesn't quite work that went. You know ..... that a lot of people say and think that that think that the Clippers the best team in the west so that the Warriors wanna get up

  2. Fast Forward: Warriors eye primary challenge in L.A.


    Thu, 31 Oct 2013

    Pundits put the Warriors and Clippers atop the Pacific Division, making their Halloween evening matchup a must-see.

  3. Lakers spoil Doc Rivers' Clippers debut


    Wed, 30 Oct 2013

    Doc loses the first battle of L.A., as the Lakers surprise his Clippers , 116-103, in his first game as the Clips' coach.

  4. Lakers bench scores 76 in opening-night win over Clips


    Wed, 30 Oct 2013

    Xavier Henry scored a career-high 22 points, Jordan Farmar added 16, and the Lakers shocked the Clippers 116-103 Tuesday night.

  5. they have the Miami Heat look at for three tape look at the LA Clippers . For second on their list to win the NBA. A regular season ..... played them tough division I'm not sure. They can with the Clippers in their own division but I do think he's going to be very

  6. The speed. Cause great nose Casey that the Clippers who are good. For once since conceded. They is still I mean it's always you know felt. And today's announcement. He's

  7. Kings win preseason finale behind 27 from Thomas


    Sat, 26 Oct 2013

    Isaiah Thomas led the Kings with 27 points off the bench as they beat the Clippers 110-100 in their preseason finale.

  8. t shoot consistently they're not going to be very good. They are considered sort of a cult favorite the Pacific with the Clippers but right now when you watch them play you see your team playing defense in spurts. She shots not falling all the time he

  9. LIVE: Kings vs. Clippers


    Fri, 25 Oct 2013

    DeMarcus Cousin and the Kings wrap up their preseason schedule on the road against the Clippers . Follow along with In-Game Live!

  10. given that since importantly by the that and they came back it. They're free change histories vital role model wonder about Clippers team that any games that cost him. Last. So yeah. Yeah I mean if you to do their job. In Moscow games he's just make

  11. seeing that kind of given tape or wait a minute now what's going on in California if the Lakers are moving down you see the Clippers kind of move up. You know Doc Rivers on the big thing for them you'll see the Warriors kind of it is spot in it's it

  12. Bruins you take a look at some of their top players would teach creation. John boy shot in terms of statistics so far the Clippers owner out of here what interests me most is that. The Bruins are likely start on Wednesday night Chad Johnson against the

  13. joins us here. On the pulse and let's start with most fun team how about this so. Amending the thunder the heat's not Clippers for the Warriors get on the list those teams. Twelve games in the post season last year. That's saying a team that is so

  14. my video guy last year's moves up to you know player development and Jerry did always. Head coach our. We're going to Clippers . Approving. I had a heck of a staff but I really believe that lies ahead goes today and as much success we had last year

  15. Bulls newcomer Dunleavy proving to be quick study


    Mon, 21 Oct 2013

    Mike Dunleavy came to Chicago to fill a specific role on the perimeter, but early injuries have forced him into different roles that he's filling quite well.

  16. Yahoo!: Doc covers Lakers' banners at Clips' games


    Sun, 20 Oct 2013

    New Clippers coach Doc Rivers has asked the Staples Center to cover the Lakers' championship banners when the Clippers play their home games.

  17. Dunleavy finds his newest home in Chicago


    Fri, 18 Oct 2013

    Mike Dunleavy came to Chicago to win an NBA championship, and he knows playing alongside Derrick Rose and former teammate Carlos Boozer gives him a solid shot at doing just that.

  18. Clifford Right out there right did you go to the other side Clippers that's right yeah you're more well versed in Miami. Speaking of basketball it's a good transition you talk about the Clippers and whoever. I Dwight Howard he's a bit of a knucklehead

  19. HIGHLIGHTS: Kings 99, Clippers 88


    Tue, 15 Oct 2013

    Posting the Clippers first quarter. Kings are all three have a rookie and Kings up six. At I'm winding down and ask Jason Thompson finds DeMarcus

  20. Big night from Cousins helps Kings top Clippers


    Tue, 15 Oct 2013

    DeMarcus Cousins had 31 points and 11 rebounds to lead the Kings to a 99-88 preseason victory over the Clippers Monday night.