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Wed, 16 Oct 2013|

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Take a look at the numbers of games played by Andrew Bogut now your Warriors sinner played 32 last season and Warriors uniform. It's gone from 78 games back when he started his career in the NBA -- the Milwaukee Bucks. It's kind of -- 306869. Games down at 1232 games. Kind of adjusting the number of games he's missed he's averaged 36 games the last three years in 55 games in here. During his career the reason we bring that up reported NBA dot com -- at the Warriors. And Andrew Bogut. Might be talking about an extension are Warriors insider is Monte -- to read and it's CSN Bay Area dot com what do you think the Warriors would be exploring an extension for a guy who has been. So banged up. Top box a Little League says he's finally healthy the -- -- he's healthy. He's looking forward to playing most of the season about the entire season whenever Mark Jackson asked him are you healthy he says. Are you -- so that's his response and it basically it appears healthy he's a top fives are in the NBA and it you have a top fives -- on your roster that you believe yourself be. You do everything you can -- -- -- can do it preferably before you get into the season where if you proved to be healthy and productive despite a. Eagles and I think it was -- -- have been Peter Guber say he's a top three center when they made the deal sending Monta Ellis out but. If you look at what's going on the lawyers Bogut says he wants a return to the Warriors Andre Iguodala. Took less money remember them kings offered more money -- less money to come to -- Warriors what does that say about the infrastructure being built by lake have been too. They've done a great job of really sort of change in the culture there in terms of making the words of decimation. Disappear years ago you with the team and nobody wanted to come there. It was all about how bad the franchise was. Like -- promise that they wouldn't change that they've done that and using evidence of it. Last year they were fun to watch the welcomed the them because he likes the -- they were doing over there. Bogut says he wants to stay because again because of the first class organization I think you're seeing a culture change for the better than I -- Our franchise it's amazing when you hear guys saying that that's that's what really helps recruit other guys but if you stay on Andrew Bogut case. -- 32 games last year -- feel like more because he was there for the playoff rice how many games is the guy need to play in order for you to say. I think USC in my -- hurt let me tell you -- didn't get 75 games out of him that's who -- -- you're pretty good. He would say he experts have played a full season. But I think -- maybe some nights when -- -- -- just -- might have a little bit but remember. You have 28 years old he's not 38 so he's young enough to where if he says he's healthy and his bones have healed the score they're too we can do. Money -- got some insights on this it CSN Bay Area -- -- make sure you go and read it thanks for the insight.

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  10. not his game and we certainly don't want. That to become his game right now. With this athletic as he is. We we we and Ellis then we we appreciate that. No part of Terrelle Pryor and so on everyone's on their toes I think again. When he does create

  11. atmosphere when it went in and when you start this season off he had a goal of mine in on going to the season we were last year. Ellis is roll the dice. So many games win and hopefully you know and over that he sees me now that we are you know really expectation

  12. Just really nice solid win for you guys good defense good pitching and enough offense to get it done that's nice to see Ellis things come together. It was a good win Tim had a great performance. better as the game went along. Davis is really good

  13. it happening out for awhile it's that's that's how strong they aren't getting better. But there's a change it to Ellis on the Bob lettuce sort of that opened a window a little bit for maybe some teams to to challenge the crown. In terms it sounds

  14. season is to make sure we invite UH and on what these guys can do. And end and it's a lot more. It's a little bit more than Ellis a little bit more playing. Than what we'll do in the regular season. It. Yeah. Well I don't think they'll be too much

  15. Tuiasosopo almost I made another one but how much you enjoyed covered so much ground here. At Detroit at all that along bat you got Ellis and now are you got the you can go to the not as. Difficult definitely it is it is is a lot harder playing in those two ballpark

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  17. again it was easy to single out a lot going on restores my third. The your three best hitters on this team right now over Mark Ellis scooter row Buster Posey and Pablo signed them all the league championship series MVP. World Series MVP of the regular season

  18. back. In the time machine so it's the rays taken on the Cincinnati Reds all that later I was really quick because let's Ellis is a guy that the In this government saves as the Giants are familiar with talk about the big strapping right hander will once

  19. Giants uniform. Great dude shout out to Bud Norris. Bring blood back to the there you go she got you shout out to Bud Norris Ellis get a little musical what do you play force who we're gonna play out sunk a good drives there you go from a good five sorts

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