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Wojnarowski explains Nuggets' coaching situation



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Thu, 6 Jun 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Any joins us from Miami get ready for seek the Spurs in game one of the NBA finals and Adrian we'll start the Nuggets news of the day why is George Karl out in Denver. Carl is headed into the last year of his contract in Denver and very much wanted contract extension. Denver ownership was not willing to give someone. And they felt that he was it was going to become a distraction for Carl. He was that this happened earlier his career in Seattle and he becomes various obsessive over it and he had been over the last week he started to flirt. With the Los Angeles Clippers opening -- organization just felt that they couldn't go forward this year like this they were not going to extend them. So they decided to fire him in the last one for hours for Denver Adrian how much of this is tied the fact that they lost their general manager very talented guy goes back to the Toronto Raptors run that organization and maybe the Nuggets just wanna start claim. I think that the fact that decide -- jury left for Toronto. I think -- Boldin George -- to think that there was no way the organization -- it would take care of him and that he get his extension he began my sources told me to push even harder for it. But at this point. That listen this is a 57 win team -- team that finished third. In the west last year they've got to go out and get. -- high level coach. You know you know I think right now -- focuses on. Bryant shot from the Pacers Lionel Hollins in Memphis I'm also told to more candidates that they are looking at. Ex Blazers coach Nate McMillan. And Alvin Alvin Gentry who most recently coached the Suns with the Nuggets hire someone to -- the whole operation or hire a coach first and then -- someone else to run the operation after that. I think Josh cry -- who is the CEO of the organization at 33 year old son of stand cracking. Who we don't who -- the Nuggets I think he's going to take a greater role in basketball operations he works hand in hand with the injury. Over the last several years. I think there's a good chance they promote Pete D'Alessandro. Was he assistant GM in Denver and it's more a partnership they're they're not going to bring in a big name and expensive GM. To run things. D'Alessandro is also a target of the Sacramento Kings president to be a very big opportunity for someone out there you got a roster that won over fifty games that -- good luck but for George Karl. He said that the clips might be one place what the other opened doors for George Karl right now he's been very successful. But my sources tell me that the Brooklyn nets do not have interest in Carl there very focused on Brian -- right now. And I think the best chance for Carl at the two best chances for him to be back in the league this year. The Clippers a potentially the Memphis Grizzlies. Once they part ways here with Lionel Hollins the Clippers are determined to get a big name coach. And here's George Karl who was the NBA coach of the year over 11100 wins in his career. He fits the criteria for what the clips are looking for the right here in Miami the NBA finals gets rolling tonight -- and the Spurs each team. As their version of the Big Three as we get ready to say the finals get started which Big Three is playing the best basketball right now. -- -- question it's been the spurs' Big Three at Duncan Ginobili and Tony Parker who has been their best player. You all big reason that Miami struggled. And that Eastern Conference final was affected Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. You know work there for LeBron James. Bosh never really appeared in the series we played better in game seven. But I think this is a better match up for Chris Bosh against the more finesse oriented front line. From the Spurs again. As opposed it Pacers who really beat him -- and we're very physical wade also. Major in college or else he broke the story on George -- out in Denver you -- him all the time Yahoo! Sports the NBA expert thanks for joining us here on Yahoo! Sports talk live Adrian. That strategy and.

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