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Curry: 'There's no more pressure on either team'



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Wed, 24 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

So fresh off a pretty good regular season and of course the NBA playoffs ten days more is here in the Warriors are NBA champions. Of the summer league I was like to say it that way with the -- can't -- -- -- that'd be here and they have all right I didn't even know that there was a trophy for the NBA summer league when you win the whole thing but I wanna start right off the bat and show the video and show the picture of you posing. With the trophy I think I've seen this -- somewhere before. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I this you know -- -- -- there and we need to be good to handle it as though the funding does funny. At first I said. -- -- Capra making with an -- as the trophy was behind your big biceps to compare me is not a bad thing in the cap Megan is and is very big you know kind -- -- -- -- and we will get to that style -- -- don't think that's not part of my question itself and how seriously. You guys take an NBA summer league title because there are some realize to say. It's summer league but it's a testament to -- yeah our demand for some -- -- this summer league is as an opportunity against an NBA you know four. So all those guys there I'm pretty sure they go -- to -- in some of these championship and he can't. You can down play. In those terms of basketball in no way than on any level in the let there be some really you know -- and should sandwich the highlight of the summer league to me it was when you don't on Jackie Carmichael the mavs. And Tim and it's no offense but when I saw you jump on that can. That's can't base our. And you put his -- a part of your game is. It's is that right then yeah. -- has -- leaving 'cause hey you know -- enough don't mind the leaders of the highlights. -- know who live on dunks and blocks and just count our running tonight before they game remains. Started chest there indicating you know like you used to I don't know. I'll show you an extra motivated -- so that and a and that's the one thing anti if our professional athlete if I can do that right there I give anything in the world just to have that one experience that you -- -- in his grave and on a serious note I also saw this -- came on -- summer -- on somebody took a picture of of the -- You -- well we'll see it right here it's staged in their Ford 99 I know the story but love for you explain life for 99 is on your shoes. That's they're going into the season he -- and brings me good 4099 best play ratified the players. I guess is like now on Owens says there's India not designed to benefit to put us in the day. So and airlines goes around -- Manning got to dig out of their friend you. I think Brian Scalabrine was on there and he's not close to Minnesota he was -- broadcast is so. I mean you know who. Who meal was it was a -- -- needed to find something you know outside of you know my my upbringing as soon to help motivate me and for nine and now is it. Yeah and it seems like great motivation I wanna move on to this and actually let me I'll be humble myself we can actually even move the camera back because you realize that can't day's -- pretty tall. I'm not I'm actually standing on a blocks in his interviews and I'm gonna hop off my boss can't. And you mentioned before base more and yet he's the big trend on the Internet all the kids are doing it -- question is this. Is this base mourning right here like when somebody's pulling up for a three and I dropped it down was is that or can you have to fix my form a little bit and Johnson's. -- doing right on my doing wrong you know that it's possible there. -- -- -- those will be right leg for all of angling for our lives away and left and I'll left hand out there you go like this and it has Lleyton self select staff pulls up in on three and three on three known as well actually list those issue okay. -- slide into like this. And they don't be Macy's in go into it I mean he missed maybe a few sounds so I was quite say yes who went. Every miss most or I know -- there exact set me up so bad that here. He's in the corner don't slide and he goes soon and it's like a bad break knowledge. That you just kind of -- certainly not -- I -- -- you know we'll sit down. When I got on a hop back on the box if you don't mind just to finish this off. So so look obviously. You love the NBA you look -- I can tell me your your decision right you love this game. Do you worry sometimes that all the stuff you do. On the bench people look at it and see -- the wrong way they say you know what he's just a cheerleaders and I've been series instead of those Wellemeyer one MIA you know. These things going on base to no -- -- -- monthly Mets want to. You know Monday saying anyway you know he's he's so brazenly annoyed that fluoride. I can really get out there and and play the Mets -- so. A -- never really know much so and that and that arguments for us now by. Hey maybe this is you know his -- in the game -- those celebrations are. You know what notes and again the best ones have a good time and they can't claim that he does wrong. Say what can no matter what that you keep having fun doing what you're doing and obviously the lawyers fans love -- for very certain reason. Hopefully it's a contributing just the way that you want to go on line today appreciated I apologize to the soccer game show things aren't the stats but -- thanks a lot can baseball.

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  14. What's his Yeah I just felt like us that they're out there. Some day and hit a couple. Have dreamed of going to those use a lot of he made no final decision got a freebie. I said my teammates and great job on. You us. policy based on this. Defense ready. Great job with the changes. What it was

  15. I was here and plays and movies like they're both good and just so grab the ball. Do so long. Okay. like Tony. Think it. It's got good. If you guys you guys like that's. Been a good season. Nowadays. And just like. Especially coming. For the best. where the guys. This. No I feel like it's time.

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